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Shada 1

Keep 'em coming! another great page It would be nice if you could keep up with the French version, but thats just me being impatient.

Shada 05/17/2011 22:38:17   
joejunker 1

lol the face of the guy saying "This guy is a prophet" :-D !!!

joejunker 05/18/2011 17:19:46   
EpicMan 1

Oh oh oh the faces of the punk and police leader ! Cool !

EpicMan 05/18/2011 17:55:26   
a100g60 1

Yes yes lovely page !

a100g60 05/18/2011 19:33:43   
KakarottoSSJ6 1

A lot of text... I want action !

KakarottoSSJ6 05/18/2011 21:04:44   

"you digust me" looool !!!

DRAGONBALLZ 05/18/2011 22:52:31   
Thegreatsaiyaman 3

This is spectacular I must say

Thegreatsaiyaman 05/26/2011 00:44:49   
NanaJ 16

The thing he said to the law defenders is so true. Especialy the 1st phrase.

NanaJ 12/29/2011 18:10:12   
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