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TroyB 41

Hop as you can see, suddenly more Amilova pages have been translated ! Thanks to the people that helped me doing it . We need regular help for translations, contact me you'll see it's easy to do and... it's good to share some love right ?

TroyB 08/18/2011 17:48:15   
Esteryn 33

Killed by the guy he protected, how ironic ...

Esteryn 09/25/2011 17:13:30   
TroyB 41

Esteryn said:Killed by the guy he protected, how ironic ...

That's what the cat could be saying .

TroyB 09/26/2011 09:09:36   
SlicerInferno 1

Esteryn said:Killed by the guy he protected, how ironic ... shoot. i actually was starting to think that old guy was cool......

SlicerInferno 10/23/2011 22:05:18   
~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 5

I know. Where is the great Saiyaman when you need him!?

~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 02/25/2015 07:45:45   

And so we find out that her dad is an idiot. A selfish one to boot. He has a wife and daughter to take care of. He should have thought about THEM instead of trying to change the entire world by beating up 2 groups of people. Sweet jumping jeebus, basically it was like this "your fighting! I don't want you to fight! So I am going to beat you up!!!". Idiot should have just went home with his daughter.

CPM 01/10/2012 16:38:31   
TheDifferenceBetweenRightandRight 2


TheDifferenceBetweenRightandRight 03/19/2013 16:46:06   
yangreaper 1

just one question where was he hiding that sword??

yangreaper 04/07/2013 09:06:56   
Eddie Nash 6

Apparently that knife he used before grew in size.

Eddie Nash 07/08/2014 02:52:08   
Arminas X Steponkus 1

nooooo poor Amilova

Arminas X Steponkus 06/30/2013 11:44:44   
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