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Krillin 1

this is awesome so far

Krillin 05/10/2011 03:17:29   
Salagir 32

Thanks !

Salagir 05/10/2011 08:32:49   
Krillin 1

np its the truth you are very talented

Krillin 06/29/2011 23:03:43   
Diogenes Mota 8

A jet dragon.

Diogenes Mota 06/28/2011 17:05:56   
malo Monkeys 1

Wait, what? So does this mean the jet can be related to the mountains somehow? Wait, maybe the dimensions are crossed or something, this is so exciting !

malo Monkeys 10/14/2012 16:40:16   
Josh Dufresne 3

Damn where the hell did that thing come from....outta no where like the helicopter in one episode of oh edo rocket lol

Josh Dufresne 11/21/2012 07:35:33   
Dinauto02 1

uhhmm, How should i react to this ?

Dinauto02 02/09/2017 14:13:09   
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