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#1 28 Dec, 2011 18:34:28


Hi, we are glad to present this comic we have been working this months.

The name's Guild Adventure ( … ina-1.html) (the original comic is in spanish, that some translation), and we the authors are Alejandro Ricondo ( and Alex de la fuente ( The deviant for the comic, with concept arts, illustrations and the like is

This comic have a strong influence of the Monster Hunter games, the world is a place full of monster in wich many hunters compete to catch the stronger ones and grow his social status, make new equipment, etc. All of this is controlled by the Guilds, and its a part of the very world government and traditions.

In this world, a young men called Rago appears in Potoka village, one of the biggest, and claims he will become the greatest hunter of all. Hes a rather naive and skilless man, but he quicklly finds help in the hands of the twins Reika and Leika, and so his adventure begins.

We will be updating every monday and more from time to time, i hope you like it!



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