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Guildadventure 31


Guild adventure has reached its final page in the Premium section. This is the last chapter of the comic, and it's composed of 20 pages, that have already been published in the Premium section of Amilova. That means that since i cannot publish more pages on premium, no more pages will appear in the free section.

So, how can you keep reading the comic till the end? you have two options:

-Read the rest of the comic for free on my website as i'll be publishing it each monday (, for about 3-5 months until it finish. This is the link to this page in my web so you can follow from there if you want

-Become a Premium user and have access to all the pages now.

When Ga ends, it will be succeded by my other comic, Monster girls on Tour, which is set in the same world and at some point will follow from what happens in Ga. You can read MGoT here on amilova or in my website

Guildadventure 10/25/2016 13:10:40   
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