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Demerzel 9

Bon Krillin et Ten Shin Han sont arrivés les premier chez Kaio... pas de raison que Krillin ne puisse pas suivre le mouvement!

Je me demande à quel moment les cyborgs vont entrer en action

Demerzel 03/07/2021 15:35:02   
Chewys 31

Parce que la résistance corporelle est un problème avec kaioken ...

Chewys 03/09/2021 00:31:25   
Demerzel 9

ça voudrait dire que Krillin est moins résistant que Ten? No way!!

Demerzel 03/09/2021 09:00:00   
Chewys 31

Hahahaha oui!!! Il est!!
Mais il est... Plus "intelligent" et "resourceful" aussi

Chewys 03/09/2021 13:52:25   
Demerzel 9

hum we have to agree that we disagree!

pour moi Krillin est bien plus puissant et plus resistant que Ten, en tout cas c'est comme ça que je le ressent dans le combat contre Nappa avec Picollo et Gohan

Demerzel 03/09/2021 18:30:31   

Who wins in a fight? Tien or Krillin =D
I'm not going to bother with Yamcha as he is right now

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 03/09/2021 20:32:57   
Chewys 31

Right now in this Universe is a very even match. Tien has raw Power, but Krillin has the wit ant techniques. I´d still bet on Tien anyway. Right now. In the future we shall see.. they´ll be even tighter.

In any given moment of cannon Dragon Ball... Tien, Tien all the way (except when Krillin´s power was extracted by Guru, at that time Krillin was stronger than the recently deceased Tien).

Chewys 03/10/2021 00:45:23   
Chewys 31

Nah. J´aime Krillin.
Mais Ten Shin Han et plus resistant: avec Nappa, Ten Shin Han resisted two direct hits by Nappa. He tanked them right on (big mistake). But he tanked them.

Krillin was much clever and Nappa never got to hit him... but just a blast from one of Nappa´s energy attacks (Krillin dodged it) got him almost KO

Chewys 03/10/2021 00:41:29   
Demerzel 9

well losing an arm at the first round is not tanking for me!

Demerzel 03/11/2021 22:17:55   
Chewys 31

But then he endured a súper strong kick!!!
I mean he was cerently down. But even Piccolo was ko'd by just an elbow.

Tien Is pretty resistant (of course not by saiyan parameters)

Chewys 03/12/2021 19:47:11   

Could be worse man, at least Tien didn't explode...

Stares at Chiaotzu

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 03/13/2021 00:59:13   
alain57 4

i agree
in dragonball, before picolo, tien was the strongest opponent for goku.

tien also never stopped training, whereas krilin started up to have a lazy familly life :p

in DBZ krilin had the guru boost on namek
but strangely the death z fighter managed to get rid of the ginue force at kaio's house (not sure if this is in the manga or just the anime)
so this means that even yamcha got stronger than krilin (but honestly this part for me was a total bullshit ^^ )
I means ok goku got stronger with the zenkais, but earthlings....

alain57 03/14/2021 19:55:53   
Chewys 31

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Chewys 03/13/2021 01:50:32   
Lilleham 1

Rien d'étonnant à ce que Tien maîtrise le Kaioken 3x puisqu'il déjà habitué à subir les effets du Kikoho sur son corps.

Lilleham 03/16/2021 09:05:59   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

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