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Guildadventure 31

Laineich it's a serie of strips about Lineage 2, an online videogame i played for about 7 years, and that i still like and play in Pvps from time to time.

The comic it's not done seriously, i drawed it quickly and without effort in the middle of school or in bus travels, without any attention to the drawing quality, the imortant thing was the joke. I started to even doing it bad at purpose, making bad baloons with photoshop, etc, it was bad but fun, and the players liked it.

The main character it's the character i roleplayed those years, the dark elf Ariadna, the ethernal panthom ranger hero, defender of archer rights against their underpowering, incorrigible solitary hunter who made it to the Top 1 pvp score, always making war against her enemys, acompanied by some of their fellow mates like Taurus, isuri, Fuanxo, etc

Guildadventure 05/21/2013 14:46:01   
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