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Super Dragon Bros Z

Super Dragon Bros Z : manga cover

The worlds of Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros. collide !

Bros Gokû, world champion and savior of the Earth, must partner with his eternal enemy Piccoshi, to fight an unprecedented threat... Vegeta and Nappa Kong!
They will be helped (or slowed down, it's up to you) by Koopa Sennin, the old perverse master, Kritoad and Yamach the unnecessary sidekicks, the beautiful and angry Beach, and finally Gokû's girl (yes) Bros Gohan!

Two new pages per week, in color if you are Premium

Make a parody of Dragon Ball, something we've been wanting to do for a long time !

But doing it IN the Nintendo world is a big plus !

Cartoonist :

Scenarist :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Super Dragon Bros Z available from 1.5
Ch 1-4 LQ 150dpi : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-4 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 88
Weight : 85.9MB
Price : 2.5€

Ch 1-4 HQ 300dpi : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-4 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 88
Weight : 238.5MB
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Ch 5-6 LQ 150dpi : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 55
Weight : 50.1MB
Price : 2.5€

Ch 5-6 HQ 300dpi : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 55
Weight : 134.9MB
Price : 3€

Ch 7 LQ 150dpi : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 7 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 27
Weight : 24.8MB
Price : 1.5€

Ch 7 HQ 300dpi : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 7 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 27
Weight : 68.0MB
Price : 2€

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10865 Comments on the pages of Super Dragon Bros Z

Ouroboros Ouroboros 28Sep ch13 p4 He carries two sacks of holding? Nice!
fang143 fang143 24Sep ch1 p1 good book
Ouroboros Ouroboros 21Sep ch2 p19 While i agree that the tournament was to long it is kind of ironic that i wouldn't have complained if there was a little more moto (...)
Salagir Salagir 21Sep ch13 p3 Or they are rounding differently :)
Salagir Salagir 21Sep ch2 p19 I was so disappointed by the tournament that I stopped buying volumes. Recently I saw I was like 3 or 4 volumes late. Seems there (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 21Sep ch2 p19 While the album where we meet figure 4 isn't my favored. I really liked Alita Quest. It had that insanity the rest of the sequel (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 20Sep ch2 p15 Looks like Miya-sama has a darkside of the force
Ouroboros Ouroboros 20Sep ch13 p3 57 is a nice round number? They using a different numerical system are they?
Salagir Salagir 20Sep ch2 p8 They did in french section! Not enough EN readers who comment, I guess.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 19Sep ch2 p8 Noticed it when page went life back there. But it bothers me that no one posted how clever Tomahawk from streetfighter is Bora t (...)
Salagir Salagir 18Sep ch2 p3 One of the many visual add-ons from Berrizo :)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 18Sep ch2 p3 Funny is only just now noticed sonic spikes in his tail. Aah the perks in translating
Ultimate Hammer Bro Ultimate Hammer Bro 17Sep ch12 p26 Doctor Who references in SDBZ... neat.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 10Sep ch12 p26 And this romance still make more sense then the orginal.
Salagir Salagir 1Sep ch12 p20 Nice to see there is an english version too!

10865 comments in other languages.

Salagir Salagir yest. ch13 p3 Voiiiiilà :)
Veguito Veguito yest. ch13 p4 Je vois que tu maîtrises la technique ancestrale du plot hole, c'est impressionnant.
escaflown57 escaflown57 29Sep ch13 p3 Trouver référence a Highlander , ile ne peut en rester qu'un^^
Salagir Salagir 29Sep ch13 p4 La 2e ne tenait pas dessus alors il a décidé de voyager avec les deux, finalement.
Salagir Salagir 29Sep ch13 p3 Je dirai qu'un nombre rond est plutôt composé d'un chiffre suivit uniquement de zéros, sans virgules. Ainsi 5 est un nombre rond. (...)
Salagir Salagir 29Sep ch13 p3 Aucune référence à Dr Who dans cette page, donc non. Cherche encore ! :)
moriarty moriarty 28Sep ch13 p3 Un chiffre rond est un chiffre divisible par 10. Les Yomeks ont donc une notion mathématique différente de la notre x)
Tsane Zetto Saïya-Jin Tsane Zetto Saïya-Jin 28Sep ch13 p3 Pour moi un chiffre rond c'est 0 10 20 XD
Gildor Gildor 28Sep ch13 p3 Cruelle désillusion pour Kritoad
Gildor Gildor 28Sep ch13 p4 Mais... N'avait-il pas laissé la boule numéro 4 habilement dissimulée sous la forme d'une innocente sculpture d'art moderne ?
Veguito Veguito 28Sep ch13 p4 Waow ! Son pantalon... C'est plus grand à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur !
decondelite decondelite 27Sep ch13 p3 Ben oui, tout comme 56, 55, etc...
Chiantos Chiantos 27Sep ch13 p4 Rho non Salagir. t'as osé XD
Tsane Zetto Saïya-Jin Tsane Zetto Saïya-Jin 27Sep ch13 p3 57 un nombre rond ?
sebynosaure sebynosaure 27Sep ch13 p4 MDR

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