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Yoruichi 1

Cool page, but the english text has a lot of mistakes JohanDark you need help ! Sorry can't be me though I'm just good at finding mistakes, not correcting them T_T'

Yoruichi 09/05/2011 17:18:18   
johandark 34

jejej... thank you very much... I´m not english, and I try to do my best... I´m finding someone who can help me to translate my comic to Spanish-English... But it´s not easy... by the way... I´m translating it.. at the way I can..

But thanks a lot

johandark 09/05/2011 17:38:16   
xclvet 1

While not perfect, your English is legible enough. I appreciate you sincere efforts.

xclvet 12/12/2013 06:24:05   
johandark 34


The whole comic was translated thankfully by Evajung improving my poor english, so I am really grateful to her for that effort.

Thanks for your interest. Every user can give his own personal translation to improve the page, it´s the system of amilova and I think it´s really nice.


johandark 12/12/2013 09:44:40   
Kenyana 1

OK there are mistakes but honestly just use word correction it will directly show you lots of mistakes ! I'm sorry JohanDark but here it's just being careless :
from the moment whe

And well, the rest is grammar and verbs...

That's sad cuz your comic is cool but it's a bit ruining the pleasure...

Kenyana 09/05/2011 18:43:12   
johandark 34

Yep... that´s why asked help in forum... jeje but for now there are not many english readers in amilova... in future I hope there will be.. with so many good comics that are now here in amilova. So What i can do is just try to ask more help ^^

If somebody is english... and has a little charity to help a little bit can talk with TroyB and they will see that it´s really easy fix up a translation problem... really easy. I promise xD

thanks for your comment Kenyana.

johandark 09/06/2011 17:20:09   
TroyB 41

johandark said:for now there are not many english readers in amilova...

There's already quite a lot in fact . But they're still shy .
We have to be persistant, continue talking and posting in english... and with time we'll make a great community here too .

TroyB 09/06/2011 17:27:48   
xclvet 1

Helping out: " as to arouse the attention of the Lt. General.." Instead of " to wake the interest ..." But it's still understandable.

xclvet 12/12/2013 06:28:12   
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