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Diogenes Mota 8

Comical and Interesting. Fine combination.

Diogenes Mota 06/13/2011 02:47:26   
KakarottoSSJ6 1

Sissy Fire loooool !!!

KakarottoSSJ6 06/13/2011 17:31:10   
Grimmjow 1

awesome illustrations, GG guys !!!

Grimmjow 06/13/2011 22:56:49   
a100g60 1

Mineshaft is a super cool character !!!

a100g60 06/14/2011 10:26:58   
Ouroboros 27

a100g60 said:Mineshaft is a super cool character !!! he is a dwarf there is nothing cooler

Ouroboros 06/15/2011 22:52:26   
Diogenes Mota 8

a100g60 said:Mineshaft is a super cool character !!!

Too strong for the startes, I think. Megane is too weak in comparison to the two others.

Diogenes Mota 06/28/2011 22:20:08   
Diogenes Mota 8

A little too overpowered these guys...

Diogenes Mota 06/28/2011 22:18:57   
Ki11er 1

"Sissy fire" Mineshaft Rocks.

Ki11er 07/01/2011 20:33:29   
Cole 2

lol quicker than searching for twigs too.

And those two don't seem all that overpowered. They are experienced/veteran adventurers.

Cole 09/05/2011 03:09:31   
Eddie Nash 6

Yes, because regular everyday people can easily kick down a tree, not to mention there was already a fallen tree, so why kill another one?

Eddie Nash 06/28/2014 17:48:47   
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