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Chewys 31

This is just great!!!

But it´s still the Hemisphere change stuff!! Verrucula was just a collateral damage to that (wasn´t she? Many pages i cannot see ) ... what happened to the world?
I reaaaaaally want to see this story go further and further...

Chewys 03/31/2017 02:16:08   
Salagir 32

Yes, Verrucula didn't have any part in the Hemispheres exchange.

The pages you can't see, you know how to fix that, while helping comic authors

Salagir 04/02/2017 16:19:25   
Chewys 31

Yep, i remember her chating with his friend when ZAP!... i really want to see how this continues and what happened there.

About the pages, you are right
But i am a teacher in Argentina and we are really struggling to get to the end of the month here with this new liberal goverment... so getting premium again is something i can´t afford right now... but i will, oh i will

Chewys 04/02/2017 22:28:29   
Salagir 32

You have my sympathies.
Don't worry, it's just a comic. And it'll stay here a long time.

Salagir 04/06/2017 22:15:32   
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