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Hegure 1

OMG! (T_T) he has a nose! (I think he looks better with one! Also he's "New" hair color looks cool! Silver, for once doesn't make someone look old! XD

Hegure 08/24/2013 00:06:03   
Re-al Boss 5

buddy if i had thumbs on my toes i'd be putting them up as well cause this art deserves more than 2 thumbs up

Re-al Boss 09/06/2013 03:10:46   
YonYonYon 6

Holy shit thank you xD

YonYonYon 09/09/2013 16:57:42   
KenB 7

They are nothing like their human facades lol

KenB 09/10/2013 04:57:12   
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