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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku : manga cover

This is a non official copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of Dragon Ball Multiverse: what would have happened if Goku never went to Earth?
Find out and follow our heroes throught all of Dragon Ball Sagas!! How will they manage against their many threats?
Pictures are taken from Toriyama´s original work and other fancomics around the web.

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

1034 Comments on the pages of DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

John Boredonquixote John Boredonquixote 03h26 ch11 p6 woops,a spanish word is here instead of ''disappear'' ;)
venuu venuu 13Dec ch11 p5 i love timmy, he is kewl. have played the game?
Chewys Chewys 12Dec ch11 p5 It was a Spanish pun: Toma means "Take this", but it`s also his name :D In English i was going to just translate it to "Take th (...)
venuu venuu 11Dec ch11 p5 why say toma? love that piccolo whent trough the page, like classic Dragon Ball
Chewys Chewys 11Dec ch11 p5 :D :D :D
Ouroboros Ouroboros 11Dec ch11 p5
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9Dec ch11 p4 He has to be since he survives long enough to be part of the DBM Tourney and the Saiyans either flee to never return or get beat e (...)
AnimeChicken AnimeChicken 9Dec ch11 p4 From the looks of it Piccilo Diamao is faster but is he stronger I wonder..
Chewys Chewys 9Dec ch11 p4 Double post
Chewys Chewys 9Dec ch11 p4 :D :D:D Don't be so mean!! He had his hands pretty full with Gerkin! He wasn't paying attention to Toma!
John Boredonquixote John Boredonquixote 9Dec ch11 p4 Before anyone badmouths King Piccolo,remember that Oozarus are such humble,peaceful and elegant creatures that you can easily forg (...)
John Boredonquixote John Boredonquixote 7Dec ch11 p3 Yeah my bad,i meant cooler vs frieza :D
AnimeChicken AnimeChicken 7Dec ch11 p3 I think you mean the fight between Kold and Coola and I'm pretty sure it didn't increase Piccilos power when he fought Goku but it (...)
Chewys Chewys 7Dec ch11 p5 Timmy!!!!
John Boredonquixote John Boredonquixote 7Dec ch11 p3 Wow,that is so awesome!Most epic fight of the comic so far!(cold vs frieza is a close second even though technically wasn't a figh (...)

1034 comments in other languages.

Chewys Chewys 7Dec ch11 p5 Timmy!!!!
Chewys Chewys 5Dec ch11 p2 Yo creo que será parejo, aunque no creo que este Piccolo tenga ni de cerca el poder de Slug... quizá sí en el torneo, pero no ahor (...)
Romangel Romangel 5Dec ch11 p1 Si si pero me refería al trabajo en general, no a esta portada justamente jajaja:D
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 4Dec ch11 p2 Se viene una dura batalla, aunque espero que Piccolo pueda derrotarles sin necesidad de destruir la luna. No se si es canónico, pe (...)
Chewys Chewys 4Dec ch11 p1 Jeje, gracias! Pero recuerda que es de corta-pega!
Romangel Romangel 2Dec ch11 p1 Excelentes tus dibujos e historia te felicito maestro
Chewys Chewys 1Dec ch10 p22 Graciasssss Mañana con suerte si me arreglaron para hoy la PC :(
Lourea Lourea 30Nov ch10 p22 Super interesante!. Y cuándo saldrá la próxima página?
Chewys Chewys 28Nov ch10 p22 Quién sabe? Habrá que ver su poder.:D
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 27Nov ch10 p22 Piccolo destruirá la luna artificial o superará a sus oponentes en un combate directo?
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 25Nov ch10 p21 Van a utilizar alguna luna artifical?, sería interesante, así podríamos ver que tan fuerte puede ser Piccolo Daimao. Freezer no hu (...)
Juan-K sempai Juan-K sempai 23Nov ch10 p20 MUERTE A LOS SAYANS!!!!!! el señor picoro rulz!!!!
Chewys Chewys 23Nov ch10 p20 En el fondo Doru es un buen tipo. Lástima que se crío en una sociedad de salvajes genocidas:D
Chewys Chewys 23Nov ch10 p19 Jejeje, bien por notarlo
Chewys Chewys 23Nov ch10 p19 Tarde:(

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