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Super Dragon Bros Z

Super Dragon Bros Z : manga cover

The worlds of Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros. collide !

Bros Gokû, world champion and savior of the Earth, must partner with his eternal enemy Piccoshi, to fight an unprecedented threat... Vegeta and Nappa Kong!
They will be helped (or slowed down, it's up to you) by Koopa Sennin, the old perverse master, Kritoad and Yamach the unnecessary sidekicks, the beautiful and angry Beach, and finally Gokû's girl (yes) Bros Gohan!

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A parody of Dragon Ball, something we've been wanting to do for a long time !
But doing it in the Nintendo world is a big plus !

Cartoonist :

Scenarist :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Super Dragon Bros Z available from 1.5
Ch 1-4 LQ 150dpi : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-4 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 88
Weight : 85.9MB
Price : 2.5€

Ch 1-4 HQ 300dpi : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-4 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 88
Weight : 238.5MB
Price : 3€

Ch 5-6 LQ 150dpi : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 55
Weight : 50.1MB
Price : 2.5€

Ch 5-6 HQ 300dpi : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 55
Weight : 134.9MB
Price : 3€

Ch 7 LQ 150dpi : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 7 LQ 150dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 27
Weight : 24.8MB
Price : 1.5€

Ch 7 HQ 300dpi : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 7 HQ 300dpi

Format : PDF
Pages : 27
Weight : 68.0MB
Price : 2€

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13091 Comments on the pages of Super Dragon Bros Z

Chewys Chewys 28Jul ch20 p47 Ahhh, could be! The panels look very much the same. It´s true here it looks a lot more to Soul Eater. But i had to look for it, be (...)
venuu venuu 26Jul ch21 p4 so they get magically powerboost or Majin Boo is tons weaker
Salagir Salagir 25Jul ch20 p47 Ahah, it's a Soul Eater reference! But it's true it looks a lot the same. Maybe Soul Eater took Yuyu as reference?
Salagir Salagir 25Jul ch21 p4 Like any Shonen, the ennemies conveniently are the same level as the heroes.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 23Jul ch21 p4 By stretching the veil of disbelieve,
venuu venuu 23Jul ch21 p4 so characters r tons weaker here? how would they beat Majin Boo?
Chewys Chewys 22Jul ch20 p47 Loved the Yu Yu Hakusho reference of the soul eater demon :D :D :D
Ouroboros Ouroboros 14Jul ch21 p4 2 combat rounds, sounds about right
Ouroboros Ouroboros 8Jul ch9 p20 thinking about it would have been nice if we would h (...)
venuu venuu 4Jul ch21 p1 Perfect Cell/Ganondorf looks amazing
venuu venuu 17Jun ch20 p48 Soul Eater is kewl. and the perfect Cell/Ganondorf looks kewl as well
venuu venuu 9Jun ch20 p47 i wonder what his next form will look like
venuu venuu 4Jun ch20 p41 i can't wait 2 read the rest than
Salagir Salagir 3Jun ch20 p41 Yes, I changed the powers in the Parody, normally all this fight is on Cell first form. But it was better for my story to do it on (...)
Chewys Chewys 3Jun ch20 p41 Hahahaha!! Stupid sexy Adroid!!:D :D :D

13091 comments in other languages.

clémfan5 clémfan5 yest. ch21 p2 de rien
King Leviathan King Leviathan 19Aug ch21 p2 Encore plus étrange alors, vu que je n'ai jamais joué à Hyrule Warriors. Ou alors, dans un trailer, peut-être... En tout cas, (...)
clémfan5 clémfan5 18Aug ch21 p3 celui de Twilight Princess, je n'aime que l'armure, autrement quoi je le surnomme l'imposteur. Moi aussi celui d'Ocarina of Time e (...)
clémfan5 clémfan5 18Aug ch21 p2 Hyrule Warriors
King Leviathan King Leviathan 18Aug ch21 p2 Étrange... Je suis sûr d'avoir déjà aperçu l'épée de Ganondorf quelque part, mais je suis incapable de me rappeler où.:(
Mysteriodu85 Mysteriodu85 18Aug ch21 p3 Le design de Ganondorf d'Ocarina of Time semble être le préféré de Berrizo et Salagir (ce qui est aussi mon cas, même si j'adore é (...)
Fan Von Einzbern Fan Von Einzbern 13Aug ch21 p7 Tout aussi legit que de ressentir des picotements dans le dos pour pouvoir se transformer
clémfan5 clémfan5 12Aug ch21 p2 VAS-Y GANON, BUTES-LES TOUS !
LaRenardeDuSud LaRenardeDuSud 12Aug ch21 p6 Par l'illusion du Phoen... du moineau roux ? ^^'
Galiver Galiver 12Aug ch21 p2 ♫ Et on aime pas ceux d'la surface ! ♪
Salagir Salagir 7Aug ch21 p6 Ah ah, en effet !
Hurleguerre Hurleguerre 5Aug ch21 p1 Vite ! Il faut arranger ça et le ridiculiser !
clémfan5 clémfan5 5Aug ch21 p1 pas d'accord, surtout pour Ganondorf
Acheum Acheum 5Aug ch21 p1 OMG l'armure du Sagittaire !
PizzaCat PizzaCat 4Aug ch21 p1 zelda twilight princess.le meilleur des zelda :)

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