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presentation of rawrtacular

Welcome to RAWRtacular! Based in Oslo, Norway, currently producing the manga-style webcomics Back Office and Bata Neart!!

Also producing plenty of nonsense, and loving feedback from one and all! Hope you enjoy reading!

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Sunday! Time for more tone work :D
This week, it's Ashling in the latest Bata Neart page. Tryingout a different lighting trick here with some lighting bouncing off the cheek.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


New page of Bata Neart

En English, chapitre 4, page 5


This week on Bata Neart....Heads up!!

From RAWRtacular - Original post


This week's Bata Neart up close. This is another re-draw of a classic Bata Neart page with several updates. In the last panel you might also make out my re-design of the fictional Co. Wicklow town of 'Ballinafil' which is where the comic is mostly set. Ballinafil itself is an amalgamation of Wicklow Town, and Arklow in Co. Wexford. It's location is roughly half-way between the two, on a stretch of coast where no town exists in real-life :)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


My drawing table at the moment. As usual, there's way too much to do :D
In the top left you will see this week's Back Office, bottom left: an older Bata Neart page. In the center, a new Bata Neart page based on the older one. And finally on the right, last week's Bata Neart page for reference.

(Also, I'm sure there's a table under there somewhere :D)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


This week's Back Office in production. Call Center manager 'Lisa' makes her return in the next couple of scenes. In 'Office Party' I will attempt to develop her character a little more, as well as Prof. Tantrum and Rod. I think Gary is plenty done already though :D

From RAWRtacular - Original post


If you live in the San Diego area, be sure to check out Little Fish Studio's Launch Party this Friday! Amounst the awesomeness will be an original Bata Neart inked page on display for the first time ever!

From RAWRtacular - Original post


This week on Back Office - Hammer Time.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Looks like Coffee Party is making a return this year! Can't wait to see what they come up with :D

From RAWRtacular - Original post


New page of Bata Neart

En English, chapitre 4, page 4


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