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presentation of rawrtacular

Welcome to RAWRtacular! Based in Oslo, Norway, currently producing the manga-style webcomics Back Office and Bata Neart!!

Also producing plenty of nonsense, and loving feedback from one and all! Hope you enjoy reading!

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Coming soon...

The completed work from my manga course with Manga School Nakano/English

A one-shot manga set in Dublin, done in the Japanese right-to-left format. I hope you'll all like it :)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Crazy Experimental Interactive Webcomic: Ask Aoife!

Bata Neart » Ask Aoife 1

So yea…I’ve been planning to give Aoife access to the 4th wall for a while, and since you folk seem to like her so much, I thought…why not? This is pretty experimental, so I’m not sure how it will go…

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Lets run to tomorrow....

The very last page of Bata Neart - Book 1. Enjoy!

Bata Neart » BataC05P55

Ladies and Gents, after 170 pages and ten years of drawing and re-drawing, I am pleased to give you the completed volume of Bata Neart – Book 1.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


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