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presentation of rawrtacular

Welcome to RAWRtacular! Based in Oslo, Norway, currently producing the manga-style webcomics Back Office and Bata Neart!!

Also producing plenty of nonsense, and loving feedback from one and all! Hope you enjoy reading!

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I had nearly forgot this, but surprisingly RAWRtacular started up 5 years ago this month.

I only made the domain and site to host my comics, and I'm pleased to see it continue to this day. I don't really push the RAWRtacular 'brand' as much these days, but I'm glad that it continues via my comics :)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Have fun while failing :D

Bata Neart » BataC05P54

The girls are nearly home, and this chapter is near its end. Please call back next week for the last page of this chapter.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Time to be re-born....

BOC03P109 - Back Office

Yea….Karen’s a bit screwed right now, and Mike is stuck too…how will this resolve itself? You’ll find out soon enough

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Ominous Friend Request...

Bata Neart » BataC05P53

Ooo…and a friend request too I reckoned that Aoife would already have been TwitFace friends with Ashling’s mother, but maybe Rebekka signed up especially that day…

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Don't flash on the's rude....

Bata Neart » BataC05P52

FYI this Sunday is the 17th of May, otherwise known as Norway’s national day. I’m starting to get in the habit of drawing seasonal specials again, and if you see a girl like the one below on Sunday chances are that she’s Norwegian

From RAWRtacular - Original post


This Sunday is the 17th of May, which is Norway's national day!
In honor of this I have drawn this girl in a bunad (traditional dress).
If you are Norwegian, in Norway or just Norwegian at heart, I hope you have a good day :D

From RAWRtacular - Original post


She hadn't a chance...

BOC03P108 - Back Office

Ah man…seems that turn-coat Amy has well…become a turn-coat again causing all manner of coat based angst…despite not wearing a coat.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


A decade of work and rework, Bata Neart - Book 1 is now finally drawn.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


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