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presentation of rawrtacular

Welcome to RAWRtacular! Based in Oslo, Norway, currently producing the manga-style webcomics Back Office and Bata Neart!!

Also producing plenty of nonsense, and loving feedback from one and all! Hope you enjoy reading!

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You're all probably sick of this image by now, but I just wanted to show off the fully Amazon approved and ready to print cover of Back Office Volume 1! (Complete with ISBN Bar Code)

I have order a physical proof of the book, which should hopefully got to Norway next week.

Once I'm happy with it, it goes on general sale soon after :D

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Back Office Vol1 has now been submitted for it's final review.
All the kinks have been ironed out, and when Amazon get back to me tomorrow, the book will be ready to print!

From RAWRtacular - Original post


A rather cheeky piece of fan-service here! Both RAWRtacular comics will be rejoining with many other wonderful webcomic artists for this year's VDSD. VDSD is a alternative celibration of Valentines Day, with a twist as you may gather from the image above :D

Look out for it next week!

From RAWRtacular - Original post


...and it is done. Back Office Vol1: 'Saving the World for Minimum Wage' has now been sent to Amazon for review.
Assuming all is well...production will start soon.

My initial list prices for the book will be: 6 USD, 4 GBP, 4.50 EUR and 40 NOK
With any luck that low price will help the 'curiosity' purchases I'm going to hope for in the early marking stage.

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Can anyone guess what I'm working on right now :D
It's coming soon....

From RAWRtacular - Original post


A follow up from yesterday's Bata Neart tone-work. This is the final stage before I prepare for posting, which usually includes adding speech bubbles :D

From RAWRtacular - Original post


This week on Back Office: Little Lisa'a doubt...

From RAWRtacular - Original post


People wear capes in this bar....while Black Snow have a Super Bowl special! (...and apparently this Bowl contains football instead of very odd....)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


Tone-work Sunday continues with this week's Back Office page!

Wonder why these ominous-looking girls appear so happy? Check in with Back Office over the next few weeks to find out...while things appear to take a turn for the worse....

From RAWRtacular - Original post


A bit of before and after from this morning's Bata Neart scan :D

Whenever I want to inject a little extra drama into a scene, I use a gradient tone on the hair. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

What do you think? Dramatic enough? :)

From RAWRtacular - Original post


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