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Smiley 8

Hello! I just realized! Is he talking to that monster?! Lol!

Smiley 07/18/2011 20:15:12   
johandark 34

Yep. but only telepathically. considering that the guy who is being burning has no mouth or lungs is normal.

johandark 07/18/2011 20:41:38   
commander 2

or got it's brains blown out and still lives

commander 01/02/2013 04:35:42   
Gothic Angel 3

yeh hes talking to the vampire and where did he get that cigarette and if jameson is not human what is he.. in the doctors report to the president it said he was human...

Gothic Angel 07/21/2014 19:36:38   
Meumeujeu 9

Funny fact : when your average super rampaging monster is powerless and start to burn, he's a lot more more in a chatty mood, like "ho, heum, can you forgive me, please ?"

And so, Jaume isn't human ?

Meumeujeu 07/18/2011 23:30:44   
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