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Ouv 29

Great comics.
The beginning is quite classical (a guy get hired by a mysterious organisation) but efficient.
The graphic part and the story-telling are flawless!

Ouv 04/06/2011 19:44:03   
johandark 34

jejej yeah you are right is a classical beginning, but the good that are these principles with a character like "house"is that they hook you! which is the initial idea. (that's if a script is not too linear, which I have tried to avoid.) Thanks

johandark 04/06/2011 19:55:55   
Pink_Marionette 6

The shading on these pages is great. *_*
I love the top panel.

Pink_Marionette 11/13/2012 21:45:08   
johandark 34

jejej thanks...

But from the second chapter I don´t use anymore this shading because it takes me too much time xD

johandark 11/13/2012 21:49:30   
Pink_Marionette 6

^^ Actually I've been thinking about the same thing because my pages also take me a long time...although my colouring isn't as elaborate as this...*_* I think it's just the method I use, but it's the only one I know well ^^;;

Pink_Marionette 11/14/2012 01:17:21   
Gothic Angel 3

I love the gothic appearance!!

Gothic Angel 07/21/2014 17:55:30   
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ARKHAM roots

ARKHAM roots: cover




Author :

Team : , , , , , , , , , , ,

Translation by : evajung

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Monday, Wednesday , Friday

Type : manga

Genre : Fantasy - SF

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