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Ouroboros 28

As usual the battles seem to go on forever and ever

Ouroboros 03/03/2018 19:55:04   
Salagir 32

I'm sorry, our rhythm of page release make it like this.

Salagir 03/03/2018 23:02:40   
Ouroboros 28

Unless it is scariasme on your part... but my comment wasn't a complaint.

just that like this page a fight in dbz could fill 3 filler episodes, like here.

Page 1: dbros z: androids in the sky
Page 2: A16 respects the elderly
Page 3: Caught in a bubble
Page 4: 18 vs Vegeta
Page 5: Our secret benefactor

It's enough to fill 100 minutes of screen time!

Ouroboros 03/03/2018 23:19:33   
venuu 19

arm break when?

venuu 03/12/2018 01:41:03   
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