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studio.takoyaki 32

we wanted to laugh at the "totally spies" that are stupid girly girls (It's our opinion).

The only thing they are thinking about are "boyfriends", shopping and make up. This isn't a model for girls in our way of thinking.

==> here is the reality, girls like that get always fooled.

studio.takoyaki 09/25/2011 22:43:01   
Mart 17

Awesome page, every part of it.

Mart 11/08/2011 19:57:14   
studio.takoyaki 32

Mart said:Awesome page, every part of it.
furo: I rather the bottom =p

studio.takoyaki 11/09/2011 08:25:47   
Re-al Boss 5

i like this guy he thinks just like me

Re-al Boss 08/31/2013 06:51:04   
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