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Hemispheres : manga cover

Our world is too normal. Heroic fantasy is much better, isn't it?
Follow the adventures of an apprentice magician, her talking cat, and two great heroes...

Cartoonist : and

Scenarist :

Translator : and

Colorist :

Helper :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Thursday

Genre : Humor

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Hemispheres available from 0.7
Spécial : le contrôle : Volume 1
Volume 1
Spécial : le contrôle

Format : PDF
Pages : 21
Weight : 10.0MB
Price : 0.7€

Ch 1-2-3-4 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-2-3-4

Format : PDF
Pages : 140
Weight : 111.8MB
Price : 1€

Remake : Volume 1
Volume 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 59
Weight : 67.0MB
Price : 2€

Ch 5-6-7-8 : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6-7-8

Format : PDF
Pages : 86
Weight : 63.4MB
Price : 3€

Ch 9-10-11 : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 9-10-11

Format : PDF
Pages : 74
Weight : 59.2MB
Price : 3€

Ch 12-13-14 : Volume 4
Volume 4
Ch 12-13-14

Format : PDF
Pages : 70
Weight : 37.5MB
Price : 3€

Ch 15-16 : Volume 5
Volume 5
Ch 15-16

Format : PDF
Pages : 49
Weight : 25.6MB
Price : 3€

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13018 Comments on the pages of Hemispheres

Ouroboros Ouroboros 28Nov ch20 p10 I know that thus i was apologizing, deleted the translation on the english page and did the dutch one... this is all old news ^^'
Salagir Salagir 28Nov ch20 p10 You're in the english version here. The NL is here: (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 26Nov ch20 p10 I don't know what happened... Somehow the page that i translate into dutch changed to the English page. I deleted it now and w (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 19Nov ch20 p9 So hard to translate this page in Dutch.
Salagir Salagir 5Nov ch20 p7 Yes! Color too this month! :)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 5Nov ch20 p7 Hitting, violent shacking and not feeding the child.... Someone has to revoke Vercula's right of being a parent... Meagan is up (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 25Oct ch20 p5 Now let's hope the enchanting spells work the same here as in D&D. A reroll every time the caster is hostile.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 15Oct ch20 p4 A shield for one might be enough to survive this, still i am worried for her.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 21Sep ch19 p28 Now question is really... Does he have a glassjaw?
Ouroboros Ouroboros 12Sep ch19 p27 Hitting a woman, how dare he! The nerve, to start without making a wager first.
Eddie Nash Eddie Nash 12Sep ch19 p23 Woohoo!! Colors!!
Ouroboros Ouroboros 27Aug ch19 p25 Homerun!
Ouroboros Ouroboros 20Aug ch19 p24 she is at full display and with mineshaft outside now, not smart.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 6Aug ch19 p22 Well somone gave herself away quickly.
Salagir Salagir 6Aug ch19 p17 You're right! It's corrected. Sorry for this error, I should have seen it myself :(

13018 comments in other languages.

Mister_X_fr Mister_X_fr yest. ch20 p6 pour ça XD https://www youtube com/watch?v=MUL5w91dzbo je te laisse mettre les point sinon le lien ne s'affiche pas :/
Salagir Salagir 28Nov ch20 p8 Oui tout à fait.
Salagir Salagir 28Nov ch20 p5 +1
Salagir Salagir 28Nov ch20 p6 Heu.... oui, pourquoi ?
Salagir Salagir 28Nov ch20 p9 Enchaîner oui, mais faut sauver la princesse en priorité !
Brachan Brachan 28Nov ch20 p10 Oh, oh, j'ai cru voir un monstroplant!
Brachan Brachan 28Nov ch20 p9 Il a tout pour plaire, un vrai prince charmant!
Brachan Brachan 28Nov ch20 p8 Et une patate dans la figure, une!
weskeryo weskeryo 26Nov ch20 p10 de quoi la robe de veruculla?
Kalkus Kalkus 26Nov ch20 p6 Pourquoi j'imagine une centaine de cris de Dingo en Capella à la dernière case ... X)
blablablabla blablablabla 26Nov ch20 p6 Elle n'a pourtant pas grand chose à compenser ^^'
Gildor Gildor 26Nov ch20 p10 ça commence à être tendu !
Salagir Salagir 25Nov ch20 p10 ♬ Toi Jayce, conquérant de la lumière, tu dois conquérir... ♪ Colo par Robot Panda, grâce à vos dons Tipeee ! Hébergement pa (...)
Pondy Pondy 20Nov ch20 p5 elle à des cheveux Saiyen, ceux qui ne brûlent jamais
Tywin Tywin 20Nov ch20 p5 Moi, je dirais plutôt "sort anti-brûlure pour débutant". Je m'explique. Un apprenti mage adore jouer avec le feu. Encore plus qua (...)

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ceco New Topic! 24Oct [photos] Printings of Hémispheres, Run8, Amilova ! in reality they are even more gorgeous! :)

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