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Hemispheres : manga cover

Our world is too normal. Heroic fantasy is much better, isn't it?
Follow the adventures of an apprentice magician, her talking cat, and two great heroes...

Cartoonist : and

Scenarist :

Translator : and

Colorist :

Helper :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Thursday

Genre : Humor

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Hemispheres available from 0.7
Spécial : le contrôle : Volume 1
Volume 1
Spécial : le contrôle

Format : PDF
Pages : 21
Weight : 10.0MB
Price : 0.7€

Ch 1-2-3-4 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Ch 1-2-3-4

Format : PDF
Pages : 140
Weight : 111.8MB
Price : 1€

Remake : Volume 1
Volume 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 59
Weight : 67.0MB
Price : 2€

Ch 5-6-7-8 : Volume 2
Volume 2
Ch 5-6-7-8

Format : PDF
Pages : 86
Weight : 63.4MB
Price : 3€

Ch 9-10-11 : Volume 3
Volume 3
Ch 9-10-11

Format : PDF
Pages : 74
Weight : 59.2MB
Price : 3€

Ch 12-13-14 : Volume 4
Volume 4
Ch 12-13-14

Format : PDF
Pages : 70
Weight : 37.5MB
Price : 3€

Ch 15-16 : Volume 5
Volume 5
Ch 15-16

Format : PDF
Pages : 49
Weight : 25.6MB
Price : 3€

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13450 Comments on the pages of Hemispheres

Eddie Nash Eddie Nash 18Sep ch22 p1 Rofl !!
Pondy Pondy 15Sep ch22 p1 Lool !!
Eddie Nash Eddie Nash 13Sep ch21 p23 Me too. I'll be sad is it stops. I've been following this comic for a long time now. I hope it continues for a long time.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 8Sep ch22 p4 there playing the strong and silent types now ^^ no wait our girl always was that.
Ash Ash 8Sep ch21 p23 I'll be really sorry to see this story go. I really enjoyed this and Amilova.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 1Sep ch22 p3 The wonderwoman bracer block
Ouroboros Ouroboros 25Aug ch22 p2 that did no damage at all
Salagir Salagir 20Aug ch21 p23 It's sad that there isn't much commeting on this work. I think so too. This is somthing that makes me want to learn more, abo (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 18Aug ch22 p1 He probably cheated again.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 15Aug ch21 p23 It's sad that there isn't much commeting on this work. This is somthing that makes me want to learn more, about Mineshaft & co' (...)
Eddie Nash Eddie Nash 1Aug ch21 p16 All hell broke lose...literaly!
Ouroboros Ouroboros 28Jul ch21 p21 if being a hero doesn't work out Lance has the concept of a paperboy down.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 14Jul ch21 p19 Meh an army of demons, heh... wake me with the god hand arrives ^_-
Ouroboros Ouroboros 7Jul ch21 p18 i missed her..
Eddie Nash Eddie Nash 24Jun ch21 p12 Yes, but he's still the Hulk

13450 comments in other languages.

Brachan Brachan 27Sep ch22 p2 Mégane, derrière toi ^^
Karmasauf Karmasauf 23Sep ch22 p6 Faut pas se pressé y en aura pour tous le monde ^^
Pondy Pondy 23Sep ch22 p2 ah ok j'ai pas touché longtemps à Doom ^^'
Volcano Volcano 22Sep ch22 p2 Pas du tout, cherche "BFG 9000" sur le net, tu comprendras ;)
Galiver Galiver 22Sep ch22 p2 BFG 9000 yeaaaaah !
Pondy Pondy 22Sep ch22 p2 C’est toujours le black qui meurt en premier !!" Tellement vrai mdrrr ! Meme quand c'est le héros genre im a legend
Pondy Pondy 22Sep ch22 p2 reference à over 9000 ?
Pomega Pomega 22Sep ch22 p6 Oups, j’avais pas vu que les yeux étaient fermer. Merci :)
vincentlenga vincentlenga 22Sep ch22 p6 C'est souvent ce qui arrive quand les paupières sont fermées. Ta confusion doit venir de l'effet "Arale" de ses yeux.
Pomega Pomega 22Sep ch22 p6 pourquoi elle n'a pas d'iris en case 3 ?
SoulOfFire SoulOfFire 20Sep ch1 p9 Mais le chat! On parle pas comme ca a une sorcière (débutante) qui a la gentillesse de t’avoir sur son chapeau!
Brachan Brachan 19Sep ch22 p1 Là, faut garder son calme!
Brachan Brachan 19Sep ch21 p23 Lance force le respect et l'admiration, c'est certain!
Dovah Dovah 15Sep ch22 p1 Heartstone ? Magic ? Yu-Gi-Oh ?
Pondy Pondy 15Sep ch22 p1 Godzilla !!

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Salagir New Topic! 23May All comics - Hemispheres - Fanart competition for Hemispheres Book 3 ! Nice picture ! :) The contest is closed guys. Thanks for your participation ! All the presented images (so this one and the ones (...)
ceco New Topic! 24Oct [photos] Printings of Hémispheres, Run8, Amilova ! in reality they are even more gorgeous! :)

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