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sven 1

Click click, indeed!

sven 03/18/2012 09:53:53   
TroyB 41

Hi there . I hope you all enjoy "Only Two" .
As Fikiri said on the message board, the artist is looking for translators
French to english to any language you could think of .
In english you can read only the first 20pages... but there are nearly 200more published in french ! And it's getting cooler and better with every page . If you can help, don't hesitate .

TroyB 03/26/2012 10:01:23   
Jesus4U 6

I've tried adding some translations (using google and common sense).

Coincidentally, since I'm not a premum member, I cannot actually read the pages I tried translating, so dunno if they show up.

Jesus4U 06/02/2012 18:32:33   
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