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Dhalmun: Age of Smoke

Dhalmun: Age of Smoke : comic cover

Since the so called "superheroes" appeared, a lot has changed. There are no vigilantes. Just the military. The police. The better world.

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Dhalmun: Age of Smoke is a webcomic I started in September 2011, but it incorporates ideas I had and developed in various unfinished projects since maybe 2005.
It's originally written in Polish, but since I also have an English version, I uploaded this one, to make things easier.
Thanks for reading.

Dhalmun: Mythology: -

Художник :

Переводчик :

Помощник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Боевик

Тип : Комиксы - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))

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28 comments in other languages.

maso_miner maso_miner 26Jul гл5 стр14 First
Erazade Erazade 25Jun гл4 стр6 Il manque les paroles de la 2eme case
Biram Ba Biram Ba 24May гл1 стр13 Some day, I need to learn French.
drakoon drakoon 23May гл1 стр13 wonder-woman fait de la pub maintenant!;)
drakoon drakoon 13May гл1 стр2 c'est juste dommage que la police du texte ne colle pas du tout avec le dessin mais je pense pas qu'on peut la changer
Biram Ba Biram Ba 1May гл1 стр9 :)
Eskhar Eskhar 19Mar гл1 стр9 That's too funny xD !
madedd madedd 24Feb гл3 стр6 Superbe splash page!
madedd madedd 24Feb гл3 стр5 Chouette mise en scène très batmanienne^^
madedd madedd 24Feb гл2 стр16 J'adore le rendu graphique de la téléportation! C'est juste dommage que le texte soit si mal centré dans les bulles.
madedd madedd 24Feb гл1 стр2 Suspension d'incrédulité lié au genre comme la magie dans la fantasy, le pistolero qui descend 6 types sans prendre une balle, le (...)
Bellatrice Bellatrice 23Nov гл1 стр2 Le costume empêche le gars d'être pris au sérieux. Comment font les auteurs de comics ?
Busso Busso 29Jun гл2 стр10 yeah, i do a mistake with the comment. page 11th. Now it is okay thanks :D
Biram Ba Biram Ba 28Jun гл2 стр10 I need a textbox here, otherwise i can't continue to traduce.. You mean on the 11th page? Should work now.
Busso Busso 27Jun гл2 стр10 I need a textbox here, otherwise i can't continue to traduce..

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