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presentation of Pehesse

Bienvenue !

Je vous présente la BD Ashell dont je suis l'auteur principal.

Pour un aperçu de mes autres boulots illustration, il y a des galeries ici : ou encore ici :

Si vous avez le moindre commentaire, n'hésitez pas !

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From Pehesse Coq - Original post


Vea design sheet for the Farthest Reaches.

From pehesse - Original post


Illustration for the K’e homeworld, for the sci-fi adventure game project “The Farthest Reaches”.

Find it here :

Buy it as a poster/print here :

From pehesse - Original post


Illustration for a screenshot reimagining contest :

This is based on a screenshot from Sigma Star Saga on GBA by Wayforward, screenshot here :

Coloring process here (23Mo file, beware) :

Now to push for a kickstarted remake or sequel!

From pehesse - Original post


Been replaying a lot of AW lately. And as it turns out, it’s actually its birthday (or at least from the GBA debut), so there, tribute!

Buy it as a print here :

High res here :

From pehesse - Original post


Commission illustration for BrossUno, for an upcoming project.

From pehesse - Original post


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