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YonYonYon 6

Holy cow! I didn't update for a month! ._. sorry guys... really...
I just... My very awkward season called Exams Season has begun. I'm strenuously preparing for exams, which will be in June.

So there's the end of the third chapter. As always, I want to know how it was. Tell me your honest opinion.
In the next chapter I'll try to be better - more backgrounds, more colors, more background people and I'll try new way to color.

YonYonYon 05/13/2013 22:18:27   
alrickdrinkson 24

i also have an exam in jun (well not really an exam, but a competitive examination...
so take your time,exam are more important ^^
i'll copy/past your message when i translate this page so your french reader know why they don't have update for a short while

about your comics, well i loved it so far :3 you really do an amazing job with your background, the light and shadow, and the story is really fun :p

ps last picture make me think of a minecraft village with Field of View in quake mode

alrickdrinkson 05/14/2013 19:02:34   
alrickdrinkson 24

By the way, good luck for your exam; i wish you the best :3
and your message is translated in french so i'll try to give you their reactions if they don't come here ^^

alrickdrinkson 05/14/2013 19:12:04   
YonYonYon 6

Thank you very much for your help.

YonYonYon 05/14/2013 22:52:57   
alrickdrinkson 24

YonYonYon said:Thank you very much for your help.
hi here is some french reaction:
Ganondorfzl said:
Je trouve cette histoire prometteuse.
Certes on en est qu'au tout début, tout ne demande donc qu'à évoluer et prendre davantage de consistance.
Mais la trame se veut original, j'aime le background de cette bd pour le moment ainsi que ses personnages, notamment Pomme qui a vraiment un style unique.
Même si j'attend d'en voir plus, et de voir des personnages gagner en corps et en consistance.
Les couleurs sont magnifiques, mention spécial au passage au château, les jeux d'ombres et lumière sont très bien gérés et l'ambiance est bonne.
Pour ma part, un plus grand sens du détail au niveau des décors serait une bonne chose cependant.

En bref, une bd bien sympa mais qui doit encore bien évoluer pour montrer son plein potentiel et faire ses preuves.
3 chapitres c'est en effet peu pour se faire une opinion consistante et juste.

Mais l'auteur à tout à gagner, alors qui n'hésite pas, qu'il ose. ^^

"I find this story exciting.
Of course it's only the begining, so everything will progress and become more consistant.
But storyline sounds original, I love the background of this comic yet and its characters, including Apple who has a really unique style.
Meanwhile I'm expecting characters to gain in depth and consistency.
The colors are beautiful, special mention for the chapter in the castle, the way you use shadows and light, and the atmosphere are good.
in my opinion, a greater attention to detail in the decor would be a good thing though.

In short, a very nice comic which still has to evolve to show it's full potential.
Three chapters are indeed are not enough to make a fair opinion .

But the author has everything to gain, so he don't have to hesitate and dare (try everithing he want to do). ^ ^ "

i don't agree with him on decor though (or background i'm not sure if he speak about decor or background ) in a later discussion he admit that your background are marvellous but he want to see if you can do even better as he love i. (i'm too lazy to translate the whole discussion -_- sorry

alrickdrinkson 06/02/2013 03:12:25   
alrickdrinkson 24

YonYonYon said:Thank you very much for your help.

another reaction:

"This page is really beautifull (beautiful or marvellous, i'm not sure if a page can be labeled as beautifful..) "

alrickdrinkson 06/02/2013 03:14:18   
Bellatrice 33

Colours are very good.
I get accustomed to flat face.
Apple is funny and friendly.
Onomatopoeias are in harmony with the design.
But I don't like the transparency of speech balloon when characters are whispering. Because it's not intuitive (for me).
Good job and good luck for the exams.

Bellatrice 05/15/2013 19:57:53   
S.E.Th 3

I', loving this story!!!!!!!!!!!!

S.E.Th 05/17/2013 18:10:18   
kirma 3

wow amazing art :o

kirma 06/04/2013 16:55:32   
Prince_Rain 1

good book love the story

Prince_Rain 04/22/2016 15:48:23   
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