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KenB 7

Appletree could be the next great detective like Sherlock Holmes or be the worlds biggest pervert (any possible reference eludes me) with this ability

KenB 10/16/2012 03:22:18   
YonYonYon 6

It's a shame he's not interested in these things xD

YonYonYon 10/28/2012 17:31:43   
KenB 7

Food For Thought: How nutritious are the apples? Are they even edible? Who would want to eat them? Would swallowing an apple make Appletree something of a doctor of internal medicine?

KenB 10/16/2012 03:26:35   
YonYonYon 6

Very nutrious. Very edible. Nobody xD because it's gross. Yep, pretty much.

YonYonYon 10/28/2012 17:32:31   
TroyB 41

Excellent page, as usual .

TroyB 10/16/2012 16:03:23   
YonYonYon 6

Thank you!

YonYonYon 10/28/2012 17:32:43   
KenB 7

I agree this series is awesome

KenB 10/18/2012 03:17:21   
YonYonYon 6

Thanks ^^

YonYonYon 10/28/2012 17:32:56   
johandark 34

The perspective of the character in the first panel is werd... but your color art is incredible.

johandark 10/18/2012 10:20:35   
YonYonYon 6

I tried to make this frame slightly deformed like it's a view from the eye. Well, it seems that I'm failed.

YonYonYon 10/28/2012 17:35:02   
TroyB 41

Ah ok the famous "fish eye" effect . It's a hard one to catch in comics ;

TroyB 10/28/2012 18:25:05   
kirma 3

well am at least glad there not from Scotland

kirma 10/28/2012 20:27:45   
MissLoki Laufeyson 5

Oh dear trouble ahead!!!

MissLoki Laufeyson 03/03/2013 23:22:16   
typingty 2

woo hoo nice pg

typingty 03/16/2013 14:43:16   
Lilence 3

wonderful page

Lilence 11/25/2013 15:55:45   
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