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Carlos tornado 1

do you have this comic in spanish?

Carlos tornado 12/21/2011 22:14:10   
Stallone Nguni 1

aye this is goood...where's chapter two?

Stallone Nguni 06/22/2012 10:17:05   
Sid1ous 2

Wow man this is some really good stuff you got here! Im very impressed! Please if you would check out my comics Nephlim and Dhampyr I think you will like them!

Sid1ous 07/08/2012 15:11:50   
Ikki San Gaspar 2

Hello guys!!!
WOW! I just saw the statistics of my manga and I can't believe the digits.... thank you everyone -and also to the translators- for supporting this all this time even though I haven't updated for almost a year...( TTーTT)~~thanks.

About the manga, I'm redoing the start of the story to make a much better understanding not just of the world but also of the characters within it. I'll be renaming the title if the current title won't fit the new intro/story and should be released before December. I hope you'll still support it just as much as you did on this one.

Thanks a lot everyone!! >

Ikki San Gaspar 11/01/2012 17:41:31   
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