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Yaoi - Boys love

Comics about boys love story, yaoi manga and gay graphic novels

Comics and mangas with original language: English


Yaoi - Boys love by MarinaPRIV

Rank: 15, Points: 187

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 73

A relatively light-hearted one-shot story which also includes several scenes of explicit nature.


Boy with a secret

Yaoi - Boys love by Tanako

Rank: 31, Points: 150

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 105

Boy with a Secret is an engaging and modern comic that follows the life of a young boy and his hidden secrets. Only a few are...


Comics and manga translated into: English


Yaoi - Boys love by Keiden

Rank: 32, Points: 149

Finished comics Pages: 197

Fayi, 16 years old high school student is also Faye, a young man ! Seth, popular boy in the school, is friend with Fayi and...


Coeur d'Aigle

Yaoi - Boys love by nynadp

Rank: 80, Points: 118

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 33

- Yaoi Story - Damien, 16 years old, lives with his adoptive parents and a young man called Noka. One morning, as he...



Yaoi - Boys love by Raikov, Len

Rank: 173, Points: 89

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 41

Delikas can't stand this life anymore. Torn between his feelings for Eagle and his need for a different life, he's on the...


Blind Connection

Yaoi - Boys love by Kiriel

Rank: 174, Points: 89

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 9

It's time to start another year of high school! A lot of things are going to change in the ice-like Mildred's...


Momo ma jolie mélodie

Yaoi - Boys love by Momonem

Rank: 210, Points: 79

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

"My name is Len. I moved to this city about a month ago. I'm here for my studies. I was living in the countryside before. So...


Rouge et Noir

Yaoi - Boys love by Iyoku

Rank: 220, Points: 77

Updated: 18Jul Pages: 42

When an animation's company decide to do an animated serie. All things is good to make the buzz with it !
Two celebrities will...


Shota y Kon

Yaoi - Boys love by Nasuko

Rank: 222, Points: 77

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 10

Discover this great Yaoi - Boys love, manga illustrated by Nasuko!


Je reconstruirai ton...

Yaoi - Boys love by misscania

Rank: 230, Points: 74

Updated: 23Jul Pages: 46

Miyagi Iryu is put in charge of a big project. And even if he doesn't want to hold this huge responsibility on his back, he...


Love & Business

Yaoi - Boys love by sya

Rank: 297, Points: 58

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 1

Discover this great Yaoi - Boys love, manga illustrated by sya!


Comics and Manga available in other language

His Feelings

Yaoi - Boys love by Shizuka

Rank: 11, Points: 200

Updated: yest. Pages: 39

Human Puppets

Yaoi - Boys love by Vavanemo

Rank: 46, Points: 158

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 435

El Juego de los Niños

Yaoi - Boys love by Nyappy-7

Rank: 58, Points: 128

Updated: 4May Pages: 9


Yaoi - Boys love by eden_misty

Rank: 76, Points: 140

Updated: 09h56 Pages: 30

Quatre Saisons

Yaoi - Boys love by tsubame0613

Rank: 82, Points: 138

Finished comics Pages: 94

Yoru no Yume

Yaoi - Boys love by LasBloom

Rank: 161, Points: 89

Updated: 11May Pages: 72


Yaoi - Boys love

Rank: 194, Points: 104

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 10

My kokoro, L'essence de...

Yaoi - Boys love by Momonem

Rank: 357, Points: 81

Updated: 20May Pages: 32

I Love Juice

Yaoi - Boys love by Kiouv

Rank: 453, Points: 72

Updated: 11h24 Pages: 33

Charme d'une Aurore...

Yaoi - Boys love by Mokona, Magical Marmotte

Rank: 564, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 36

Shady Sense

Yaoi - Boys love by milliner

Rank: 590, Points: 42

Updated: 12Apr Pages: 22


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