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alrickdrinkson 24

Wow you frightened the shit out of me, for a sec i thought you were about to make a kind leth > <"

alrickdrinkson 11/11/2012 14:25:55   
Leth.hate 2

You know the world is coming to an end when that happens.

Leth.hate 11/11/2012 15:10:58   
alrickdrinkson 24

i was wondering, do you happen to sell a prited version of leth hate or giselle?

alrickdrinkson 11/11/2012 18:11:11   
Leth.hate 2

No, I'm too poor/lazy/unmotivated to do such a thing.

Leth.hate 11/12/2012 10:47:38   
JggRsNipR 1

why a penis on a stick.............?

JggRsNipR 04/28/2013 05:38:32   
ToragaMM 1

We ARE dealing with Letholdus - Mr. Hate-it-all, fucken.

ToragaMM 08/03/2013 21:54:34   
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