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misstark 20

Chapter one translated =) Hope you'll enjoy the reading !

PS: Personally, I kinda like the bad guy, Edgar (though his name is a bit old-fashionned =P). Usually I don't like beefcakes but I must say I like his nastiness, mwahahah ! Mmh don't know why I do like him all the same, he's the kind of basic bad guy.... HEY ! Come to think about it, it may be because he makes me think about Liquid Snake (you know, blond-haired muscled guy...), I looooove Liquid, he's so an asshle you've GOT to love him xD Hope Edgar will be the same kind of big bad asshle then, more than he is now =D WELL ANYWAY, I always fall in love with the bad guys in stories no matter how ! ^^

creepy girl passing through ;P

misstark 04/28/2013 00:16:54   
aladin 3

good translate misstark , and edgar is a good chose of vilains.

aladin 06/27/2013 11:34:27   
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