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TheGalka 2

He's gonna die of blood loss at this point.

TheGalka 11/03/2016 13:00:07   
PookyCherie 8

We would be dead already if he was haemophiliac x)

PookyCherie 11/03/2016 16:32:13   
super-spartan 3

i'm starting to feel sorry for him, and now he losing blood over this now

super-spartan 11/03/2016 23:02:13   
PookyCherie 8

He's strong... but I don't know how long he can handle this perky amazon.. x)

PookyCherie 11/04/2016 10:59:11   
Noisekeeper 1

Au Naturel at the breakfast table!

Noisekeeper 11/05/2016 08:17:43   
PookyCherie 8

It seems more efficient than coffee

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:33:51   
SirVile67 1

In the words of Deputy Director Bullock: "There it is!" XD

SirVile67 11/05/2016 13:53:24   
Transformer83 1

Not wearing any panties, my she is a sexy girl.

Transformer83 11/05/2016 15:28:07   
PookyCherie 8

apparently, the orc doesn't have the same taste as you

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:51:22   
virmegator 1

"Great, now I'm going to have to throw that chair out!" :P

virmegator 11/05/2016 15:36:26   
PookyCherie 8

ahah x) I hope there is Ikea in this mmorpg x)

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:44:48   
trextrex 1

well theres gos his appetite

trextrex 11/05/2016 17:06:38   
PookyCherie 8

too bad!! he made this stew with love

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:48:20   
Traf 7

He's such a gentleman. I wonder how many times he kicked her out, and she came back to ask why he's not getting her pregnant yet?

Traf 11/05/2016 17:07:16   
PookyCherie 8

Yes he is x) he even cooked her delicious werewolf stew... The orc has more fineness than her I like the paradox

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:41:00   
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Original Language: Français

Releasing pace: Monday, Thursday

Type : manga

Genre :

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