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voluminousnano 1

i love neko xD

to eat?

voluminousnano 10/30/2016 10:03:59   
PookyCherie 8

Yeah why not x)

PookyCherie 10/30/2016 17:57:55   
TheGalka 2

Slight change of words might be needed, "Rejoice" to "Enjoy" would work better I think. Videogame logic dictates that folks can't contract Lycanthropy from eating dead werewolf.

TheGalka 11/03/2016 12:59:23   
PookyCherie 8

Thanks for your helpful comment

PookyCherie 11/04/2016 00:05:02   
super-spartan 3

oh i love that apron and what is she up to

super-spartan 11/05/2016 01:51:16   
PookyCherie 8

we have the same taste in apron she's crazy and me too I'm always wondering what would be her next move... x)

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:18:29   
SirVile67 1

Such a cute apron <3

SirVile67 11/05/2016 07:54:46   
PookyCherie 8

Yes I need the same <3 I didn't know that orcs were liking kawaii stuffs ^^

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:10:21   
Transformer83 1

But how does he love his Nekos? over easy or well done?

Transformer83 11/05/2016 15:29:04   
PookyCherie 8

ahhh no!! Poor Nekos!! Do not eat the Nekos

PookyCherie 11/06/2016 10:26:06   
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Original Language: Français

Releasing pace: Monday, Thursday

Type : manga

Genre :

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