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Darius 22

Link to Hunter`s moon:

Ok, this strip was a hell. I could have divided it in two or even three and get all the uploads of April... but well, its only once every two years, so i hope you enjoy it! ^-^

A pair of unanswered questions:
Q-Are you going to do some fanservice for the ladies?
A- I have already, there is some in the galleries and some surprise in the "Snapshot" payperview cómic in the shop.

Q- Where does the title of the webcomic come from?
A- From a very long night of alcohol, party and roleplaying.

Q- Are you going to print Eatatau in paper?
A- Not likely, as it would be impossible due to the vertical format of the stripes. The payperview comics, however, are made in DinA4 format for eventually (I think I`m using this word a lot) print it.

Q- What are the birds of the first page of the comic?
A- I dont know, but ain`t they cute?

Darius 04/05/2013 17:46:20   
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