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ARKHAM roots

ARKHAM roots : manga cover

A guy who seems to have some special power helps to resolve cases for a secret organization.

mysteries, ghosts, undead, horror, religion, blood, eroticism, and of course ... humor!

Inspired by H.P. LoveCraft

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I´m the author of Arkham.

Dark Heroes

and Lukard the little Vampire.

Please. Tell me your opinion!

Original Language : Español

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos) : Volume 1
Volume 1
ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos)

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7599 Comments on the pages of ARKHAM roots

johandark johandark 10Sep ch14 p23 Thanks for your support! ;)
Chronic Sky Chronic Sky 10Sep ch14 p23 One of the Best manga i have'd read so far though i was really disappointed to see it has stopped But really Sir johandark ,th (...)
johandark johandark 25Jul ch3 p15 I´m glad you like it ;)
johandark johandark 25Jul ch2 p8 yep ^^
johandark johandark 25Jul ch1 p17 yEP IS a woman :P
johandark johandark 25Jul ch10 p11 I´m glad you love it again ;)
johandark johandark 25Jul ch5 p18 jejeje yeep.
johandark johandark 25Jul ch4 p19 They are not really angels nor vampires, they are just tall people sons from god and human women, unknown kind of living being... (...)
johandark johandark 25Jul ch4 p9 I´m glad you love it ;)
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch10 p11 wooooaaed!!!!! So Scary!!! I love it!
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch10 p9 OMG HE'S A MONSTER!!!! What kind???
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch6 p7 hahah they;ve been hexed!
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch5 p18 I know who Akuma has crush on!!!!!!!!!!:D
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch4 p19 I don't Like your concept of the Nephelim.. To my knowing the are half angels.. humans mixed with the blood of an angel but you ma (...)
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 24Jul ch4 p9 Love the Boxers!!

7599 comments in other languages.

Elsa Kisiel Elsa Kisiel 18h33 ch10 p22 No problem! =D
johandark johandark 12h25 ch10 p22 jejeje Sorry... It was my mistaken! It was a comment for an spanish one, and for some weird reason I made it there too. Sorry ! ;) (...)
Elsa Kisiel Elsa Kisiel 22Oct ch10 p22 Hm... I'm sorry, I don't speak spannish. Really not. However, I have used google traduction, so, I think that I have understand y (...)
johandark johandark 22Oct ch10 p22 normal no es. Pero en amilova es como funcionan... Puedes continuar a partir de aquí: http://arkhamroots.subcultura.es/tira/18 (...)
johandark johandark 22Oct ch10 p22 normal no es. Pero en amilova es como funcionan... Puedes continuar a partir de aquí: http://arkhamroots.subcultura.es/tira/18 (...)
shame of me shame of me 14Oct ch10 p22 es normal que tenga que pagar para ver el siguiente episodio? .________.
johandark johandark 30Aug ch14 p7 Gracias! ;)
wii_go wii_go 27Aug ch5 p12 c'est vrai qu'elle a un cul bien ferme la Akuna... hé hé hé, et la française est pas mal non plus, comme quoi, hein, t'avais raiso (...)
wii_go wii_go 27Aug ch1 p4 j'ai essayé de retraduire la phrase "est-vous bien..." par "êtes-vous bien le nommé" mais bon je sais pas comment le sauvegarder, (...)
Monkey-D-Cristian Monkey-D-Cristian 22Aug ch14 p7 Ba a flipar como Jameson se transforme en chtulu por cierto Joan un trabajo excelente
johandark johandark 9Aug ch14 p25 Ahora ando metido en otros asuntos, aquí puedes ir viendo lo que voy subiendo: https://www.facebook.com/johandarkart?ref_type=book (...)
k-aap k-aap 7Aug ch14 p25 Que desgracia :crying:, y entonces ahora ¿qué paso contigo Johandark?
k-aap k-aap 7Aug ch14 p14 Esa si es amilova por lo que veo.
k-aap k-aap 7Aug ch13 p7 Me molesta tanta "luz" :bummed:
Allana Allana 3Aug ch14 p9 Mais c'est moi qui devrait te remercier !

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evajung New Topic! 21Nov ARKHAM ROOTS English translation Every page of ARKHAM Roots is now properly translated to English! Enjoy! ... but what do I do now? :/

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