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ARKHAM roots

ARKHAM roots : manga cover

A guy who seems to have some special power helps to resolve cases for a secret organization.

mysteries, ghosts, undead, horror, religion, blood, eroticism, and of course ... humor!

Inspired by H.P. LoveCraft

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I´m the author of Arkham.

Dark Heroes

and Lukard the little Vampire.

Please. Tell me your opinion!

Original Language : Español

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos) : Volume 1
Volume 1
ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos)

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7555 Comments on the pages of ARKHAM roots

Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17h46 ch4 p5 lol just as there must be boobies in every part of life so must be the word of god.
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17h28 ch3 p16 There is nothing wrong with it... Mr Vampyrr doesn't understand creativity.
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17h26 ch3 p16 To emphasize the feeling of sinister obviously to the person who is speaking which the lieutenant cannot see.. duh...
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17h23 ch3 p16 spooky....
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17h21 ch3 p15 This Story is going great i have to say.. nice plot.
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch3 p10 yeh hes talking to the vampire and where did he get that cigarette and if jameson is not human what is he.. in the doctors report (...)
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch3 p7 don't you mean on his cheek??
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch3 p2 whats wrong with their privates!?
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p17 yesss i was right Japanese and not human.. although i would love to know who her mother is and what race is she..
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p14 ok only wooden bullets can kill vampires...
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p13 ok Johandark Vampires cannot regenerate if their body parts were all cut.. this is ridic.. sorry to critic the story line is great (...)
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p10 lol!
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p9 Yes my first impression of her was that she was a Japanese elf.
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p9 Yeh True!
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel yest. ch2 p9 VAMPIRES!!!! Awesome! love you Johandark!

7555 comments in other languages.

MoTuS MoTuS 5Jul ch5 p12 rhoo the troll face is here again ? snif :'( :p (sorry for my bad english ^^' )
Elsa Kisiel Elsa Kisiel 1Jun ch10 p22 You are welkome! (My english isn't very good, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes.) I don't think that your draws aren't good; (...)
johandark johandark 31May ch10 p22 Thank you very much for your really and lovely comment. Every critic can help more than you can imagine to an artist... pity I´m j (...)
Elsa Kisiel Elsa Kisiel 21May ch10 p22 J’ai récemment entrepris de commenter quelques bandes-dessinées publiées sur amilova. Voici mon avis sur Arkham Roots : Le de (...)
Maniny Maniny 10May ch1 p13 ouais je l'adore!
Raph60 Raph60 7Apr ch2 p17 J'adore le petit truc qui change tout : "Vierge" !
Giannos Neoptolemoy Giannos Neoptolemoy 22Mar ch5 p12 WHY IS CHAPTER 11 AND 14 ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER YOU UPGRADE TO PREMIUM ???
johandark johandark 14Feb ch1 p1 Hay subidos 14 capítulos gratuitos. (en teoría :P)
Laik! Laik! 4Feb ch1 p1 eh ¿tu subes los mejores capitulos a Premiums o los subes por partes?
Laik! Laik! 4Feb ch1 p1 coñotio que esta buenisimo este Manga lo q me gusta Terror sangre Fntasmas No-Muertos Sangre Erotismo y Humor
audreykanza14 audreykanza14 22Dec ch1 p15 bonne chance :D
Korijy Korijy 16Dec ch14 p25 J'suis trop triste.
Korijy Korijy 16Dec ch14 p24 J'adore le clin d’œil c'est énorme.
Korijy Korijy 16Dec ch14 p19 Rhoo Akuma qui gâche tout :(
Korijy Korijy 16Dec ch14 p11 Il a du répondant le vieux :)

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evajung New Topic! 21Nov ARKHAM ROOTS English translation Every page of ARKHAM Roots is now properly translated to English! Enjoy! ... but what do I do now? :/

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