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Ryak-Lo : manga cover

the Ryak-Lo are thought to be a mysterious long dead god-like race. But now, a young girl known as Ryna somehow has this power and is hunted relentlessly because of it.

Ryak-Lo is my big main project, planned for a good long run of a few years. 4 years into it and only a fraction of the story to come
hope you enjoy the reading the story as much as i have enjoyed making it.

now over 50 chapters in over 4 years, and the art has improved steadily throughout

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
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536 Comments on the pages of Ryak-Lo

AceAssassain AceAssassain 18Aug ch69 p13 Blow that Gate up!!!!
AceAssassain AceAssassain 17Aug ch69 p7 awwww
AceAssassain AceAssassain 17Aug ch68 p14 she's about to get 8
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch64 p13 love how Roryn is doing it with no problem and Illini is struggling hard
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch62 p16 Niceeeee
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch62 p4 Layona is right Kodo you need to stop being haunted by Cutla's death but Taresh can you show the Fight that Cutla was killed in?
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch61 p15 poor Kita, she looked so happy in that picture
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch61 p9 wow how can Layona be so chill like that?
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch60 p10 DAAAAMN KODO
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch60 p8 well it has been said, Kita and Tanto don't want to hear Trey and Sakkarra's bullshit
AceAssassain AceAssassain 16Aug ch60 p5 Kita looks a little pissed off in that panel where she's reading her book and Trey looks confused and or worried
AceAssassain AceAssassain 15Aug ch51 p19 ok wtf Ryak-lo is Gairyoku which is magical energy so they would have to learn how to summon as well or the ryak-lo power would be (...)
AceAssassain AceAssassain 15Aug ch51 p10 wow Sakkarra
AceAssassain AceAssassain 15Aug ch51 p3 lets hope the ship had some ammo for Trey because he sure used up alot of ammo fighting that military captain or as his name is "A (...)
AceAssassain AceAssassain 15Aug ch50 p19 niceeee

536 comments in other languages.

mangafan mangafan 27Dec ch2 p11 *sympa
mangafan mangafan 26Dec ch1 p21 oh le joli lionceau ! **
mangafan mangafan 26Dec ch1 p19 on sent l'habitué XD
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p23 Je ne traduits pas aussi vite qu'il publie, malheureusement. Mais je vais essayer de publier 1 page par jour. J'ai lu toute la (...)
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p7 Fait.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p8 La traduction est toujours imparfaite, effectivement. Je comprends la proposition concernant l'ajout de "toujours", seulement je l (...)
Didules Didules 23Nov ch1 p20 A partir du moment où ça colle à l'intention, c'est parfait ^^)/
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p10 Fait.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p16 Fait.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p17 Fait.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p18 Fait.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p20 Je vois le souci, mais je n'adhère pas au corrections proposées. J'ai modifié la bulle incriminée et la précédente pour mieux coll (...)
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p21 J'avais un doute, merci.
rickicki rickicki 23Nov ch1 p22 Pour le bazar, je ne suis pas convaincu. Pour le reste, c'est fait.
Didules Didules 20Nov ch1 p23 En deuxième case, "leur tête" ou bien "leurs têtes", les deux se rencontrent, mais "leur têtes" n'existe pas. ^^ On dirait qu (...)

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commander New Topic! 30Oct All comics - Ryak-Lo - Ryak-Lo up to date great story i cant wait of page 14 of chapter 40
TroyB New Topic! 8May Hello and Introducing Ryak-Lo wow you already pûblished nearly 600pages you're craaaaazy :) I like what you do, welcome here :)

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