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presentation of THEUNDERTAKER

I'm Willow,hehheh.
I love anime and I've drawn for quite some time but I've actually just gotten into writing Mangas.
Can't wait for you all to see some of my work.
I'm a crazy, random person so if you get to know me you'll find me pretty....interesting.....but after awhile I'll grow on you :]

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finally finished chapter one :D a now im submitting my works so I can get my artist page :DD here is the first two pages: (...)



Yep,sooo I've gotten a lot of stuff done. Between studies and just the youge,I've gotten all of one actual page done out of around five. Most of the pages is just basic front page stuff you'd find in a manga like "fun facts" about the characters and the cover. I'm in no real rush but I'm realllly hoping to get at least most of chapter one done so I can get it up here by next or next next week, because my scanner doesn't work so my friend is going to scan it in her moms computer at her moms school for me this Monday.

Now I know that there might be a chance they won't accept me for submitting mangas here,but I'm pretttty sure I'll be able to.

Anyways,if they don't accept then I'll just keep spamming them with messages until they finally break (hahahaha)

So yeah,gonna keep working my butt off (not literally) and make sure everything is exactly the way I want it.


Looking forward reading your manga and presenting it to the community ;).

//pets cat ....I've been expecting you..... Lol yeah so anyways,I'm new here (obviously) Just finished making my profile all preety annnnd now I'm (...)

Hiya everyone i'm new here :3
Hi Hime :] What brings you to this fine, fine world?

Good evening to you too ~ ^^ Nice to meet you :) Awesome what brings this fine website?

Good evening to you too ~ ^^ Nice to meet you :) Awesome what brings this fine website? All the great comics, I suppose! ^^ There's so many t (...)


Alright so I'm new here BUT not to worry i'll catch up soon. I've recently been working on this manga for this show I have on youtube, called the Anime Show. its about these teens who go through crazy stuff and just have fun.Yeah I know, doesn't sound so interesting but you need to trust me on this one.

Basic stuff you'll find on the anime show:

Kosei;A punk girl with a multiple personality disorder who always hangs with kazuhmei; A nerdy,pretty boy ginger who's wild and crazy and just fun to hang with.

Suketo; A skater boy who can't skate.He's in love with Kosei but unfortunately,kosei is in a relationship with Kazuhmei. Suketo and kazuhmei are best friends.

Nani;A creepy,pale girl who's head-over-heels for Suketo. You'll usually find her in her usual spot behind a tree stalking him.She writes everything and anything she possibly can about what suketo's doing,when he's doing it.

Aunt Gramalae; Is the aunt of Kosei,she's also her current guardian. Gramalae doesn't like Kazuhmei and is always trying to get rid of him.She his EXTREMELY health conscious and you might sometimes find her in her blue workout suite doing windmills on her mini trampoline......

Uncle Bob;husband of Aunt Gramalae,he's the usual redneck guy with a serious belly.. which Aunt Gramalae finds quite annoying....If your ever introduced to Bob,he'll tell you his name is Bob....but spelled backwards???

Piney the Pine cone;pet of Kazuhmei's Yes he is an actual pine cone I might add....He doesn't say much.

And lastly,Rat Woman;Rat woman is a crazy old hag who lives in Kazuhmei's closet.He has a hard time getting to his things and usually has to fend her off with a stick.

So,Thats all you need to know about them,Now I might add,That we haven't uploaded much from the Anime Show,but the Anime Manga will be able for you to read if not here,then on our official website soon to come.
Manga will be called: Anime Manga: Official Manga for the anime show. Pleasssse ask me any questions or advice I'd appreciate it ALOT.

Pic of: Kazuhmei;left and Rat woman;right...before she went...rat woman....


That's a crazy introduction, you seem to be a lot of fun... welcome among us q(❂‿❂)p

Haha thanks :D glad to be here. And yeaaah its pretty crazy e - e


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