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Bahamute 2

That was funny!

Bahamute 05/19/2011 19:16:04   
johandark 34

Jejeje, thank you!

johandark 05/20/2011 09:33:29   
Bahamute 2

johandark said:Jejeje, thank you! You're welcome!

Bahamute 05/20/2011 14:44:44   
Meumeujeu 9

Poor little vampire ... He's gonna run out of blood someday, if he can't feed !

Meumeujeu 05/20/2011 16:26:06   
Cole 2

Hahaha harsh times for the little vampire noob. Looks like the only blood he will ever get is from hospitals...
And nice reference in the first panel. He wishes he could be like the ORIGINAL. xDD

Cole 05/22/2011 21:32:49   
Gaara 1

"I GUESS I CAN STILL GO AND BUY THAT CLOVE OF GARLIC..." excellent . And I love his face . Travestites jokes are always fun .

Gaara 05/23/2011 10:47:19   
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