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Tokio Libido

Tokio Libido : manga cover

Kevin, a young comic artist, is living at his brother's place while waiting for the big success in the world of comics. Living between dream and fantasy, Kevin is trying to finish his hentai project for the Japan Expo Paris...

Cartoonist :

Scenarist :

Translator : and

Colorist :

Helper :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Sexy - XXX

Type : manga - One-Shot
(read from left to right)


Before reading this manga be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Pornography

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Tokio Libido Fantasme 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Tokio Libido Fantasme 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 32
Weight : 91.3MB
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515 Comments on the pages of Tokio Libido

Tey Tey 12Aug ch1 p23 Lol:D
RinataMichaelis RinataMichaelis 8Nov ch1 p23 Plot Twist, Anyone~?
Wildozo Le Kado Wildozo Le Kado 23Jan ch1 p1 MMhhhhh I Loved it :D
Wet wet Wet wet 26Mar ch1 p23 Lmao
GBROTTJR GBROTTJR 6Mar ch1 p4 very nice wish there were more illegal porn links
102481wolfie 102481wolfie 17Feb ch1 p23 right
102481wolfie 102481wolfie 17Feb ch1 p19 Anny one from USA hit me up
Wet wet Wet wet 24Nov ch1 p23 Damn omg he was fuckn fantasizing lol
pe7ruxx pe7ruxx 22Oct ch1 p16 hhmmm.....
pe7ruxx pe7ruxx 22Oct ch1 p16 hhmmm.....
wea852 wea852 16Oct ch1 p4 oooo my goood ;) ;) ;)
wen555 wen555 14Oct ch1 p14 Wow:!:
wen555 wen555 14Oct ch1 p13 wow:!:
reader1 reader1 27Sep ch1 p8 oh yeah
Wet wet Wet wet 16Aug ch1 p19 Hopefully someone can translate soon

515 comments in other languages.

Vikisita Vikisita 30Apr ch1 p23 Lo que pasa en pasa mente de un hombre Ja Ja
Joshua789 Joshua789 5Mar ch1 p15 Tres bonne branlette mdr:D
Ange Chapl\'n Ehile Ange Chapl\'n Ehile 15Oct ch1 p31 Ouah tes vraiment imaginatif
fudo hamamora fudo hamamora 6Oct ch1 p9 c'est super hot ton truc!!!!!
Cashbull09 Cashbull09 11Feb ch1 p24 Retour à la réalité !
Cashbull09 Cashbull09 11Feb ch1 p20 RIP!
Cashbull09 Cashbull09 11Feb ch1 p4 Lol, je kiffe déjà!
Shinden Shinden 2Oct ch1 p23 mierda!!! estaba fantaseando :)
blazeman blazeman 8Jun ch1 p3 ;) trop cool , j'adore....
venusamour venusamour 8Apr ch1 p12 mdrrr
Mounsro Mounsro 16Feb ch1 p6 :I siento que lo han exagerado un poco xD no enserio ¿ wtf?
tysi tysi 15Feb ch1 p9 il pas franchement super celui là
Govin Govin 2Jan ch2 p1 Très belle planche !! dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de suite ... Allez du courage pour les phantasmes, le texte du mieux le dessin top (...)
Kyomibu Kyomibu 23Oct ch2 p1 c'est trop long pour avoir la suite c'est chiant
bogoss bogoss 6Oct ch1 p13 oh la chatte elle mouille bien plus ke jorai imaginé

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TroyB New Topic! 29May All comics - Tokio Libido - Tokio Libido: The Animation? Have to ask the authors what they think about that :). I think they'll be hyper happy to see it one day adapted :). Troy

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