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Saint Seiya - Ocean Chapter

Saint Seiya - Ocean Chapter : manga cover

Saint Seiya - The Ocean Chapter is the continuity of the anime, from the sagas Poseidon and Hades. Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20h. Happy reading! Ouv

Being a big fan of Comics and Saint Seiya, Ouv couldn´t help combine both into "Saint Seiya - The Ocean Chapter".

Cartoonist :

Helper : , and

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Finished

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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2171 Comments on the pages of Saint Seiya - Ocean Chapter

Ouv Ouv 7Jul ch5 p17 Oops, you´re right ! The ballon reads: "You´re losing blood in lethal amount".
petrusmagnus petrusmagnus 6Jul ch5 p17 I don´t know if anyone has reported,but,the fifth baloon hasn´t been cleaned.
Ouv Ouv 4Mar ch2 p17 Hi guys! Very strange since I can see the text in the translator! :-/
McLeod McLeod 13Dec ch2 p17 I think someone has uploaded something wrong > like an empty page in "english version" instead of "for translation"
Ashura Thor Ashura Thor 13Dec ch2 p17 I can't see the english translation here, although the text is already typed in the translator
Ouv Ouv 3Apr ch6 p25 interesting, nice idea, having Frey wearing the bluegard cloth Because Siegfried and Frey were inspired by Alexei, Mic gave Fre (...)
rhy rhy 3Apr ch6 p25 interesting, nice idea, having frey wearing the bluegard cloth
Ouv Ouv 18Jun ch4 p14 Corrected! And you won some extra pages in the process since the english version was late! :-)
Ouv Ouv 18Jun ch4 p14 Ooops! I´ll take care of it right away! EDIT: Well I dit everything right : texts are uploaded , but nit visible. Very strange! I (...)
Siosnarf Siosnarf 18Jun ch4 p14 hum, no text on the english version. It already happened for another page... but I don't remember which one ^^
shicajacs shicajacs 13May ch4 p4 Bodies are a little strange... Backgrounds... well practical without existance... Mood Backgrounds are Good because they are in co (...)
shicajacs shicajacs 12May ch4 p3 It´s not a professional style (perspective and anatomy is a little strange...) But i have to admit that is quite good. The problem (...)
zebekenio zebekenio 10May ch4 p2 I love IIIKKIIIII lol !!!!
Tanyanina Tanyanina 25Feb ch2 p22 yeah the guy with blue amor is just too cool !!! Like it !!!

2171 comments in other languages.

Ouv Ouv yest. ch15 p118 L´intégrale de l´OC en version pdf: http://scribe.seiya.free.fr/tmp/ocean-chapter.pdf Mille mercis à Vincent sans pseudo pour la (...)
PizzaCat PizzaCat 31Mar ch15 p117 on dirait hyoga ;)
Kardia Kardia 31Mar ch14 p29 Sublime :)
vincentlenga vincentlenga 26Mar ch14 p30 Téthys avec son aube.
vincentlenga vincentlenga 26Mar ch14 p29 L'aube de Téthys.
vincentlenga vincentlenga 26Mar ch14 p28 Ocean avec son Aube.
Ouv Ouv 18Mar ch15 p115 A l´époque il n´y avait pas Photoshop ^^; J´ai bricolé tant bien que mal :P
Pondy Pondy 17Mar ch15 p117 pas de bras pas de chocolat :p
vincentlenga vincentlenga 13Mar ch15 p115 C'est marrant d'avoir placé l'objet de côté.
prodilion prodilion 12Mar ch15 p115 Pas mal ! Belle prise de tête pour la tête (c'est le cas de le dire).
Pondy Pondy 11Mar ch15 p114 ah je me disais, parce qu'avec l'armure au sol x)
Ouv Ouv 11Mar ch15 p114 Pour cela, il faut payer ^^ :P
Pondy Pondy 11Mar ch15 p114 Ouv à poil ?
Ouv Ouv 10Mar ch15 p114 Et maintennat quelques bonus inédits :)
Pondy Pondy 8Mar ch15 p113 Merci l'équipe ! ♥

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