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tai 4

This is a beautiful oneshot. The drawings and those touches of innocent humor reminded me a lot of Ranma 1 / 2.

If I have to criticize something, it would be that sometimes I could not distinguish Momiji from the other Baseball players. The character design could have been a little more detailed.

But leaving that minor detail, I love this manga and continue translating it to Spanish so more peaple could read it.

And I will take a look to your other proyects.

Thanks for this nice history and all your hardwork. Cheers! Happy Christmas and New Year.

tai 12/24/2011 05:16:36   
DayElf 1

This is effin' amazing. The story is simple and all in all it's basically just a baseball game; one would think that it would be boring and repetitive, but you pulled off nice comedy that made me just want to see what was on the next pages.
Something I would like to point out that I found interesting is the contrast between those two and the fact that both Momiji and Koji play reversed roles; By this I mean to say that Momiji resembles a typical male character ( both physically and in terms attitude) and Koji the typical female character ( same aspects referred above).
Another thing I'd like to point out is the fact that everything is just too unexpected, which by my standards means that you're following a good path.
Keep it up and Happy Holidays!

DayElf 12/26/2011 08:09:00   
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The God and the Player

The God and the Player: cover




Author :

Team :

Original Language: English

Releasing pace: Monday, Tuesday

Type : manga

Genre : Humor

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