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Ladies and gentlemen, soon the first chapter of Dellsing Hell will be released, but if we all complications will be alerted. No exact date and maybe something not right, so do not be deceived.


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Mochiiiiii ?

Corredores Fantasmas

Chapter: 1 page: 2


Chapter: page: 23


Shadow: I'm studying sciences forênces, I majored in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.
I am fanatical about horror movies and suspense. I'm also a fan of anime, manga and games. My favorite musical styles are Heavy Metal, A-Rock, British Rock and classical music.
I am often arrogant always has a resposat for everything at the tip of my tongue. I'm not emotional or expressive and do not like to show my weaknesses, I have a dirty mouth when I'm nervous. 'm Mundiano (hidden religious).
My mission in life: To be the best scientist in the world!


Great picture, is that your creation ?


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