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It's so tempting classic games

Folk-inspired stories always attract people. Especially Drift Boss

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The RIO GRANDE REVIEW №58: THE WEIRD FICTION AND THE UNUSUSAL STORIES ISSUE 2023 is at AWP Bookfair and Conference 2023, Seattle, Washington, USA! The RGR team will be at Summit Building (Convention Center | Exhibit Hall) on March 08 – 11, 2023. An annual showcase of hundreds of exhibitors, AWP’s bookfair is the USA’s largest marketplace for independent literary presses and journals, creative writing programs, writing conferences and centers, and literary arts organizations. You can get your copy of RIO GRANDE REVIEW №58: THE WEIRD FICTION AND THE UNUSUSAL STORIES ISSUE 2023 with our comics THE BLACK VOLGA in it at the Bookfair! More about AWP Bookfair 2023 here:

AWP: Bookfair

An annual showcase of over 700 exhibitors, AWP’s bookfair is the nation’s largest literary marketplace.


connect 4 is the famous board game all over the world. With a simple but very smart way to play, connect 4 is suitable for children from 6 years old and up. This board game requires ingenuity, perseverance and calculation of the player. Moreover, when playing with friends and relatives, children will have the opportunity to interact, enhance communication and connection.

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We're happy and honored that our comics THE BLACK VOLGA is in RIO GRANDE REVIEW №58: THE WEIRD FICTION AND THE UNUSUSAL STORIES ISSUE 2023/ USA. The RIO GRANDE REVIEW is a bilingual journal of literature and contemporary art, published by the Creative Writing Department of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and edited by students in the Bilingual MFA in Creative Writing. The RGR has been publishing creative work from El Paso, the Mexico-U.S. border region and the Americas for over thirty years. You can grab the issue at UTEP for free. It'll be available at other destinations and events, too. We invite you to learn more about RIO GRANDE REVIEW №58: THE WEIRD FICTION AND THE UNUSUSAL STORIES ISSUE 2023 and how to get your copy here: and here:


somewhat mysterious and magical word unscrambler

These are great! I wonder what are their purpose? |

Students are invited to learn more about opportunities and resources on campus and connect with their fellow students. | residential drywall contractors near me

CAN For BALKANS is at The Comics Center of Macedonia, Veles, North Macedonia (March 03 - 24, 2027)! The exhibition explores the history of the Balkans and their comic culture, and offers a contemporary artistic vision of the Balkans through 64 original comics created by 67 artists selected in an international competition. We're happy and honored to be among these talented authors! The Comics Center, is popularizing the Ninth Art, and also the home of the comics festival Comic Showroom Veles! Dear Comics fans from Veles and those who are visiting Veles, we are inviting you to make March more colorful with this special event!


color blind test, or to be more precise, color vision (chroma) defect, is a condition in which people have difficulty distinguishing colors, which makes them unable to see one or more colors. color, or see some colors differently than normal people. color blind test can be performed for all subjects that need accurate color recognition such as: drivers, electricians, designers, painters, technicians, marketers... color recognition.


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