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Hi! We are two brothers – Emiliyan Valev and Stanimir Valev. We are writers and artists from Bulgaria. Our works have been showcased at many international festivals and exhibitions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Romania, Colombia. Our works have been published in Bulgaria, Republika Srpska, Romania, Turkey, France, USA, and Argentina. We create characters, worlds, stories. We’ll take you on a journey. Come and share our visions!

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METAMORPHOSES (2020) Graphic Novella Trailer/ МЕТАМОРФОЗИ (2020) Графична новела Трейлър

МЕТАМОРФОЗИ „In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora.“ Възнамерявам да говоря за форми, променени в нови образувания - Овидий, МЕТАМОРФОЗИ, 8 г. ...



„In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora.“
I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities;
- Оvid, Мetamorphoses, 8 AD

Our book collects two novellas, revealing a few of the countless faces of the metamorphosis – ARIADNA and UNDER MY SKIN. The world as we know it, changes in the blink of an eye. The unthinkable becomes reality. The inevitable is immediate. When we change before we know it, or the change is slow, hard, and painful. The hero turns into a monster, and the executioner into a savior. The letters come together to form a text. It combines with the illustrations. Together, they have a different meaning. Together they make comics.
UNDER MY SKIN is the first Bulgarian digital graphic novella. About the ballerina Alexandria and the tatto artist Dorian. A personal story about the masks that we put, and the choices we make. A modern fairy tale, intertwining urban fantasy and horror. Presented in a new way for this book.
ARIADNA is a personal story withn an epic change of the reality. About the ace pilot Ariadna and the Angel of Death. Different subgenres of fantasy are combined on the pages of the comic.
The authors are going through metamorphoses while following the inspiration for the story, they are telling.

We tell you about the metamorphoses of bodies and souls, which transform into new characters, personalities and fates...

We’re happy that our novella METAMORPHOSES is part of a line for comics and graphic books called ТУШ (INK) in the Bulgarian publisher ERGO, that we launched with our book IMAGINARIUM. From its debut in 2002, ERGO has become synonymous with high quality European literature. Every book they release is proof of their motto “To books – with love!”

Метаморфози, от Емилиян Вълев и Станимир Вълев

През „Метаморфози“ на Овидий (8 г. сл. Хр.) и „Метаморфозата“ на Франц Кафка (1915) до модерната фантастика с истории за свръхчовеци от бъдещето. От жанр в жанр. От история в история.


We are happy to be among the authors in the coloring book MONSTROS URBANOS. More than 30 talented creators are sharing their unique visions of urban monsters in this marvelous project by Associação Tentáculo. This is our first publication in Portugal, and we are thrilled to take the readers on a walk down Ponto-Cho in Kyoto, Japan, and to the windmill in Nesebar, Bulgaria. In the company of great monsters, of course


"CHITALNYATA, City Garden, Sofia, Bulgaria.


nice !

Our Special card for "CHITALNYATA"


Our comics album „IMAGINARIUM“ (2018) Ergo Books is among the latest additions in the catalogue of „CHITALNYATA“, Sofia. For our donation of the book, we created gifts to the readers – special cards! „CHITALNYATA“ is a tourist info point, modern reading room and one of the most favorite places in City Garden, Sofia. It is a pleasure for us to enrich their catalogue with our book! Keep reading!


March 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the great writer Mikhail Bulgakov's death and the 90th anniversary of the burning of the first manuscript of his novel „The Master and Margarita“. Let us remember one of the greatest balls in literature – Woland's...
We're happy to share with you "A BALL OF SHADOWS" and its premiere on YouTube.

We present to you our experimental short film „A BALL OF SHADOWS“. An urban fantasy tale inspired by legends and folklore. The film revolves around the annual ball of the world of the supernatural, that takes place in a different place every year. The Ball from Mikhail Bulgakov's immortal novel „The Master and Margarita“, Walpurgis Night, Beltane are among the many names this event is called around the world. Let us share a different vision of this fabulous festivity together! Reality is intertwined with fantasy. The film had its premiere at Sibiu International Comics Festival 2019 in Sibiu, Romania.

A Ball of Shadows (2018) Short Film by EmiliyanValev and StanimirValev

We present to you our experimental short film „A BALL OF SHADOWS“. An urban fantasy tale inspired by legends and folklore. The film revolves around the annua...


“January Art Exhibition of Young Talents” 2020's next stops are Radnevo and Galabovo! It is at the Art Gallery Radnevo since February 24, 2020. We are among the authors, and we invite you to this special exhibition!


„ShadowDance: Cyberpunk“ is the biggest project of the online magazine ShadowDance. Almost 20 years, the magazine has taken a special place in the hearts of the Bulgarian fans of fantasy and sci-fi. The readers of their latest endeavor, will be emersed in an amazing and in-depth study of cyberpunk-an exciting and constantly evolving genre. It is a great pleasure for us to support this ambitious and unique project. Our cyberpunk works, are presented in the section dedicated to cyberpunk and Bulgarian authors. This section is among the special surprises in the extended digital edition, which is available to the fans who supported the magazine's successsfull crowdfunding campaign. Let us celebrate the success of „ShadowDance: Cyberpunk“ and wish for more fantasy and sci-fi for the Bulgarian readers! About ShadowDance and „ShadowDance: Киберпънк“ is available here

ShadowDance: Киберпънк

„ShadowDance“ съществува онлайн вече почти 20 години, а тази антология на тема „Киберпънк“ е неговият най-мащабен проект. Феновете на фантастиката ще могат да се потопят изцяло в този вълнуващ и постоянно променящ се жанр.


A great way to start the new year is with an exhibition! We are among the authors in the “January Art Exhibition of Young Talents” 2020. This special event is dedicated to showcasing young authors. The organizers are the foundations Plamak-Stara Zagora and Postijeniya, the Group of Artists in Stara Zagora, NBP newspaper, and the Society of spreading knowledge Stara Zagora. It is held in salon ''Bayer'' in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) January 23-February 14, 2020.


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