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CO-MIXER is a unique event in the Bulgarian comics scene! It is a one of a kind platform, that collects different comics creators and their visions in one book! A great opportunity for authors and readers to have a look at the world of Bulgarian comics! It is a great pleasure and an honour for us to be among the creators in CO-MIXER! The devotion and passion of the editors, authors and readers brought us to the 10th anniversary issue 10! We wish the editors – Iva, Milena and Slavena, and all the other colleagues from the series, a great inspiration, many loyal readers, and new adventures! To the readers – new and exciting books and authors, that entertain and inspire! See you all between the pages!


oh cool!

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We're happy to be among the authors in FRICA IN ISTORIE FEAR IN HISTORY which was among the three exhibitions by FESTIVALUL DE BENZI DESENATE ISTORICE Brasov Historical Comics Festival at the Night of Museums 2022! and

Expoziția indoor de benzi desenate istorice ”Frica în Istorie” la Casa Sfatului | Muzeul Județean de Istorie Brașov

Brașovul este gazda Festivalului Internațional de Benzi Desenate Istorice! Record de benzi desenate originale cu tematică istorică: 39 de benzi desenate, cu 198 planșe, realizate de 42 autori Benzi desenate istorice din România, Croația, Serbia, Bulgaria, Muntenegru și Polonia             Tematica ediției 2021: FRICA în ISTORIE!             La Casa Sfatului,… Deschide


We are thrilled that HELL-HUED; PERIWINKLE/ UK and our comics SHILIGARNIKA got a great review from the amazing ANDY OLIVER! Here's what he says about our story „‘Shiligarnika’ by Emiliyan and Stanimir Valev (above) is a concise 2-pager about appeasing the spirits of the dead on a snowy mountainside that juxtaposes stark black and white realism with ethereal periwinkle supernatural forces to great effect. It reminded me in no small way of those folkloric introductory pages that used to begin classic horror comics like Warren’s Creepy and DC’s Ghosts.“
You can read his full review at BROKEN FRONTIER

Hell-Hued: The Periwinkle Issue - Beatrice Mossman Curates Another Spooky Collection of Colour-Themed Supernatural Stories – Broken Frontier

Review of horror anthology 'Hell-Hued: The Periwinkle Issue', a collection of comics, prose, poetry and illustration.


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