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Festivalul de Benzi Desenate Istorice Brașov 2020 Brasov Historical Comics Festival 2020 exhibition ,,Eroii care au făcut istorie” (Heroes, who created history) is in Craiova, Romania (May 28 – June 15. 2021)! Spectacular place! Spectacular exhibition!


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Our “NIGHT OF LITERATURE” 2021 special card is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's magnificent classic „THE LITTLE PRINCE“!


Together with our friends from „RODINA” Library, Stara Zagora and “ZACHARIY KNYAZHESKI“ Regional Library, Stara Zagora we have a special surprise for the “NIGHT OF LITERATURE” and its anniversary 10th edition in 2021! On the night of May 12th we invite you to get your gift – a special card for the occasion! We invite you to “RODINA” Library’s spot at “AUGUSTA” Caffee (Regional Museum of History) and “ZACHARIY KNYAZHESKI“ Regional Library, Stara Zagora! Come, get your card and enjoy this celebration of literature!

Стара Загора - Нощ на литературата 2021

Стара Загора по традиция се включва в Нощта на литературата. През 2021 г. събитието ще се разгърне в 5 читателски гнезда в града: Гнездо №1 📍 Къщата на арх. Христо Димов, ул. „Сава Силов” № 37 📚 Книга: “Помощ? Помощ!” 🎙 Чете: Златина Желева – преводач на чувства и потребности между семействата и новородените им [...]


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