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Legends and reality, good and evil, life and death, heroes and villains meet at „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“! Our story „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“ is a free e-comics!
Let's celebrate COMICS as an art form, a mltilayered read, an inspiration, a way to express yourself, an entertainment. A gift for the authors, who share their ideas. For the readers, fans, and the people, who are reading such a work for the first time, looking for something new and different. The gift makes happy the one who receives it, and its giver, too! COMICS in Bulgaria deserve being celebrated! Let's do it together! Let's enjoy COMICS together!
You can read „МОСТЪТ“/ „THE BRIDGE“ on БиблиоманBiblioman. Библиоман is a project, dedicated to creating a full catalogue of every book published in Bulgaria!


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Our “NIGHT OF LITERATURE” 2021 special card is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's magnificent classic „THE LITTLE PRINCE“!


Together with our friends from „RODINA” Library, Stara Zagora and “ZACHARIY KNYAZHESKI“ Regional Library, Stara Zagora we have a special surprise for the “NIGHT OF LITERATURE” and its anniversary 10th edition in 2021! On the night of May 12th we invite you to get your gift – a special card for the occasion! We invite you to “RODINA” Library’s spot at “AUGUSTA” Caffee (Regional Museum of History) and “ZACHARIY KNYAZHESKI“ Regional Library, Stara Zagora! Come, get your card and enjoy this celebration of literature!

Стара Загора - Нощ на литературата 2021

Стара Загора по традиция се включва в Нощта на литературата. През 2021 г. събитието ще се разгърне в 5 читателски гнезда в града: Гнездо №1 📍 Къщата на арх. Христо Димов, ул. „Сава Силов” № 37 📚 Книга: “Помощ? Помощ!” 🎙 Чете: Златина Желева – преводач на чувства и потребности между семействата и новородените им [...]


Our free e-comics „МОСТЪТ“/ „THE BRIDGE“ is available to the libraries in Bulgaria!
We are truly grateful to Фондация „Глобални Библиотеки – България” „Global Libraries – Bulgaria“ Foundation for their support! The foundation shared our comics with their network of close to 1000 libraries and chitalishtes! Chitalishte is a Bulgarian public institution and building that fulfills several functions at once, such as a community centre, library, and a theatre. We want to thank the bulgarian libraries and chitalishtes for their inspiring work of enlightenment! They are not only a place to read, but a cultural centre, organizer of events, and they support aspiring talents!
Let us love and support our libraries and chitalishtes!
Фондация „Глобални Библиотеки – България” Foundation „Global Libraries – Bulgaria“ supports the inclusion of the Bulgarian citizens to the global information society. You can learn more about the foundation here:

One of the libraries, that included „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“ in their online catalogue is Регионална Библиотека „Априлов – Палаузов“ “Aprilov – Palauzov“ Regional Library/, Gabrovo! We want to thank the library's team for their support! We wish them a happy 160th anniversary in 2021! You can read and download „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“ from their catalogue of ebooks. Legends and reality, good and evil, life and death, heroes and villains meet, at „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“!
Регионална Библиотека „Априлов – Палаузов“ “Aprilov – Palauzov“ Regional Library, Gabrovo! You can learn more about the library here:


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