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Festivalul de Benzi Desenate Istorice Brașov 2020 Brasov Historical Comics Festival 2020 exhibition ,,Eroii care au făcut istorie” (Heroes, who created history) is in Năsăud (March 15-22)!


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Legends and reality, good and evil, life and death, heroes and villains meet at „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“! Our story „МОСТЪТ“ „THE BRIDGE“ is a free e-comics!
Let's celebrate COMICS as an art form, a mltilayered read, an inspiration, a way to express yourself, an entertainment. A gift for the authors, who share their ideas. For the readers, fans, and the people, who are reading such a work for the first time, looking for something new and different. The gift makes happy the one who receives it, and its giver, too! COMICS in Bulgaria deserve being celebrated! Let's do it together! Let's enjoy COMICS together!
You can read „МОСТЪТ“/ „THE BRIDGE“ on БиблиоманBiblioman. Библиоман is a project, dedicated to creating a full catalogue of every book published in Bulgaria!


We present to you our experimental short horror film „A NIGHTMARE“ (2019). A girl is haunted by a nightmare, until she lives through it, succumbs to it, or is consumed by it. We invite you to watch „A NIGHTMARE“ here:


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