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We gave an exclusive interview about our exhibition МЕТАМОРФОЗИ METAMORPHOSES to Radio Stara Zagora. Radio Stara Zagora is the first radio in Southern Bulgaria, which history starts in 1927. It is among the Bulgarian National Radio’s nine channels. The radio is a respected institution, that has been covering cultural events in the region. You can hear part of the interview about МЕТАМОРФОЗИ METAMORPHOSES here:

Изложбата от комикси ”Метаморфоза” от днес в РБ ”Захарий Княжески”

Двамата братя  художници и писатели – Емилиян Вълев и Станимир Вълев представят пред старозагорска публика своята изложба от комикси „Метаморфози“. От днес в рамките на един месец тя ще гостува на РБ „Захарий Княжески“. Повече за вдъхновенията на авторите и...


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We have another treat for this Halloween!
HELL – HUED ZINE/UK/ is a horror zine where each issue is inspired by a colour. Issue 01 is CARMINE! We are among the authors who offer you a chilling interpretation of this beautiful and vivid nuance! You can buy HELL – HUED ZINE Issue 01: CARMINE from here:

Hell-hued Zine: The Carmine Issue

ABOUT THE ZINE Welcome to the spooktacular first issue of Hell-hued, a zine where each issue is inspired by a certain colour - the theme of this issue being carmine red. This horror zine is packed full of illustrations, comics, poetry and fiction, which together explore every inch of the genre from


We have special treats for Halloween!
We are among the authors in CONTINENTAL CRYPTID ANTHOLOGY (2020)/ UK! An anthology featuring over 25 contributors! A project, covering a huge variety of different creatures in this collection of short stories, comics and illustrations based on monsters, folklore and cryptids from Europe! Our works in the book are inspired by Bulgarian folklore and Norse mythology! You can learn more about CONTINENTAL CRYPTID ANTHOLOGY on its Kickstarter Campaign!


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